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What to do in Kenya| Weekend Trip

A spacious room at Lake Nakuru Lodge

A spacious room at Lake Nakuru Lodge

Weekend Road Trip Ideas

You may opt to start your fun-filled weekend on Friday night or embark on an unforgettable safari on Saturday morning. Either way, there are so many exciting ideas that will give you an insight into what to do in Kenya on a weekend.

2 Nights and 3 Days Safari Ideas

 Start your safari on Friday night; enjoy two nights and three days to explore this magical country.  Since you can access all major towns of Kenya from the capital city Nairobi, there is no limit to what you can have on your weekend to do list. You can tour the country by road or hop into a plane so you can spare more time for adventure. For this article, we shall focus on road trips because it is the best way for you to see Kenya.

Therefore, rent a car, if you want a self-drive experience, or get a chauffeured ride. Your travel agent or tour operator can help you find an ideal car hire service in Nairobi.

 If you are alone, it gets even more exciting because you don’t have to consult anyone else when selecting ideas to fill your weekend safari list. However, if it is a family holiday, bring everyone’s needs on board.

The Great Rift Valley is a practical idea. There are so many attractions within this area. If you leave Nairobi on Friday evening, you will be in Naivasha in about two hours utmost. Check into a lodge on the shores of Lake Naivasha such as Kiboko Luxury Camp, Lake Naivasha Country Club, Loldia House etc.

The next day, explore Naivasha’s attractions starting with the lake. Visit Crescent Island on the Lake then proceed by road to Lake Elementaita or Hell’s Gate National Park. Fix a picnic lunch to your schedule.

On Sunday, start the day with a tour of Lake Nakuru National Park, which is in Nakuru about 51km from Lake Naivasha.  This park has hundreds of bird species, mammals such as rhinos, giraffes, jackals, hyenas, lions etc. Enjoy the view, take pictures, watch flamingos on the lake and then embark on a two-hour safari back to Nairobi.

Far-flung parts of the country such as the coast and the north of Kenya need about 6-9 hours for a road trip from Nairobi. So, with three days to enjoy, you will spend about half of each day on the road and only have one full day of unlimited fun.

However, if you are craving sun and sand, spend your weekend at the coast. Drive from Nairobi to the coast on Friday evening from 7pm and you will get there in the early hours of the morning. Which town is your choice?  Do you want to visit Malindi, Mombasa, Watamu or Lamu? The first stop is Mombasa then you can proceed to Malindi, Watamu or Lamu Island.

Spend Saturday afternoon on the beach. Try water sports such as scuba diving in the marine park. There are several marine parks such as Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve, Malindi Marine National Park and Watamu Marine National Park.  In the evening, enjoy the lively nightlife.

On Sunday, visit attractions within the area. It depends with where you will be whether in Mombasa, Malindi etc. Attractions at the coast include Malindi Museum, Vasco da Gama Pillar, Gede Ruins and Marafa Hell’s Kitchen.  Start your safari back to the capital city in the afternoon.

A passage leading to the beautiful interior of Oloolua Nature Trail

A passage leading to the beautiful interior of Oloolua Nature Trail

1 Night and 2 Days Safari Ideas

You have Saturday and Sunday, and one night, to explore the country.  It is not sufficient time to hop from one destination to the other, so you might want to spend the weekend in the city or travel to Amboseli, Nakuru or Naivasha and get back the following day. Let us consider a weekend in Nairobi; what can you do in Nairobi?

On Saturday, visit Maasai Market at the parking lot of the High Court of Kenya. It is the largest outdoor gathering of traders selling a variety of African crafts such as African jewellery and curios.  They traders are friendly and you can bargain as much as possible.

Later, visit any or all of these attractions from midday until late in the afternoon. Visit the Nairobi National Museum, Karen Blixen Museum, Kitengela Glass and the Giraffe Centre. Each attraction offers a unique experience. Kitengela Glass has magnificent glass ware of all colours and variety while Karen Blixen Museum will take you back to colonial Kenya when the famous author, Karen Blixen, was a farmer in the scenic foothills of Ngong Hills.

Culminate the safari with a sumptuous steak at the Carnivore Restaurant. Most of the time, there is a party or other event taking place at the Carnivore Grounds, which can be a great place for you to socialise.

On Sunday, visit Nairobi National Park for a game drive. It has hundreds of species including the Big Five.  Later, visit any of the famous malls in the city such as Galleria Mall, Prestige Plaza, the Junction Mall, Sarit Centre or Thika Road Mall for lunch and shopping.  You can also watch a movie in the mall’s cinema.

You see, you can have fun even in Nairobi over the weekend.

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