Water Sports and Wildlife Adventures in Kenya

Top 100 Things to Do in Kenya Part 7

61. Visiting the 1998 Bomblast Memorial Sites

The 1998 terrorist attack in Nairobi left hundreds dead and others maimed for life. Pay tribute to the people who suffered, and died. The names of the victims are engraved on a wall in the Bomb Blast Memorial Park in Nairobi. It is within the city centre, at the site of the blast.

62. Playing Casino Games

There are numerous casinos in Nairobi and at the coast of Kenya. The notable ones include Florida Casino, Mayfair Casino, Casino De Paradise at the Safari Park Hotel, Casino Malindi, Eastleigh Casino and the Six Eighty Hotel Casino.

The games include poker, American roulette, blackjack, baccarat and tai sai. Include such games to your list of things to do in Kenya.

63. Team Building Safaris

Corporate groups, entrepreneurs and business partners can take advantage of the many recreational centres in the country. Games on offer include table tennis, golf, lawn tennis, badminton, surfing, snorkelling and football among others.

Adrenaline packed activities like bungee jumping; climbing Mount Kenya and cycling in Hel’s Gate National Park are also popular with groups. one must attempt activity if white water rafting in Sagana. It is awesome!

64. Bird Ringing

Track migratory birds from the northern hemisphere at Tsavo National Park’s Ngulia area. This annual event takes place from September to November.

65. Go Karting

This sport is available in Nairobi and Mombasa. Ride a go kart for about an hour alone or with your friends and family.

66. Kite Surfing

Ride the waves of the Indian Ocean for a better view of this pristine location. There are several water sports training centres on the beach so if you are a beginner, there is someone to help you.

67. Wind surfing

The Indian Ocean is a great place to ride waves because of its warm water and beautiful shoreline. Most of the resorts and lodges have wind surfing on their list of activities. You can hire gear from water sports centres in the area.

68. Stand up Paddle surfing

Instead of the traditional surf, take your experience at the coast to the next level through paddle surfing.

Watamu is the favourite destination for this water sport. It is all about wave riding while enjoying the view, the air and the serenity.

69. Jet Skiing

The water sports centres at the coast of Kenya offer lessons as well as equipment such as jet skis. Most lodges and clubs along the shoreline also have these facilities.

10. Playing Golf

Kenya has the best golf resorts in the region. There are about 40 golf clubs, all flaunting breathtaking scenery. They are located adjacent to the pristine beaches at the coast, in the capital city and in the Great Rift Valley. You have a choice of so many exciting places.

These gold resorts include Muthaiga Golf Club, the Great Rift Valley Lodge and Golf Resort, Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club, Nyali Golf and Country Club, Karen Golf and Country Club and Mount Kenya Safari Club. You have so many choices.

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