Unique Activities to Do in Kenya

Top 100 Things to Do in Kenya Part 4

Kenya will keep you on your toes because every day is an opportunity to discover something, enjoy a new activity and interact with the locals.

31.      Donkey riding

Ride a donkey in the narrow streets of Lamu Town. A guide controls this animal as you explore this no-vehicular traffic location. Lamu is the country’s oldest town and the locals use donkeys as transport for man and goods.

32.      City Tours

Explore Kisumu, Nairobi and Mombasa cities to see the people go about daily activities, learn about the city’s history and maybe visit markets and curio shops. Visit major attractions such as museums, restaurants and parks within that location.

33.      Town Tours

Explore towns such as Lamu, Malindi, Nanyuki and Nakuru. There are many excellent restaurants, bars and recreational centres.  Enjoy meals from local communities in African themed restaurants. Better still; enjoy international delicacies such as Chinese, Japanese and European cuisine in themed restaurants all over the country.

34.      Spa Treatment

Get a full body massage after a day in the park.   Let the gentle, professional fingers of a professional masseur ease your stress. Resorts and lodges in the city or in the endless plains of attractions like Maasai Mara have modern spas.   In addition to full body massage, there are spa treatments for couples, pregnant women, facials, manicure, pedicure and massage for particular ailments.

35.      Learn Kiswahili

Take a Kiswahili class to understand more about the Kenya culture and its language.  This is important if you intend to stay for a bit longer, or possible work in Kenya.  Kiswahili borrows from Bantu languages of the country, Arabic, Persian and other races that lived around the coast many centuries ago.

36.      Attend a Traditional Wedding

At the coast, join locals in a Swahili wedding to see how and what happens there. Nevertheless, Swahili weddings are a women’s affair. You may also take part in a traditional marriage ceremony of the Maasai, Turkana or communities around Lake Victoria.

37.      Get Married in the Bush

Bring your family and friends to Kenya to witness your nuptial ceremony in the savannah plains of Maasai Mara. The lodge or resort can organise bush lunch or dinner for newlyweds as well as handle all the documentation necessary for this function. Additions to the exciting wedding package are the cake and champagne.

38.      Ride the Lunatic Express

Ride the train from Nairobi to Mombasa. It is an approximately eight-hour trip from 7pm. The train leaves Nairobi on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Enjoy the view of Tsavo National Park as well as spending the night in a compartment with a berth, a toilet and sink.

39.      Feed Giraffes

Visit the Giraffe Centre in Nairobi to see and learn about breeding and taking care of Rothschild giraffes. Feed these animals from a platform and spend a few hours enjoying their company. Kids love this activity, and adults find it exciting too because it is not every day you get close to a real giraffe.

40. Bungee Jumping

Jump from a 60 metres high steel tower while your friends or family members cheer you on.  This exhilarating activity conquers your fear of height and rewards you with the courage to look below at the forest and the banks of Tana River.

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