The Eland

Kenya’s Largest Antelope

The Eland differs from other antelopes because it is larger and slower. However, it can walk briskly for miles despite its 942kgs for male and 600kgs for a female eland. As the male grows older, the hairy dewlap under the neck increases and the hair on the forehead grows longer. Additionally, as the eland ages, its hide turns from tawny to black.

This antelope leaves a scent in the grass because it has scent glands on its hind legs. It is a browser, in love with acacia seedpods, amarula fruits, bush willow and myrrh. This shy antelope lives in woodlands, savannah and mountainous regions. Though its size makes it stand out in the bush, if it feels like, it can hide away from man and you can never spot in during your safari.

It has remarkably long and spiral horns. The female eland has relatively longer and thinner horns. Living in a herd is temporal especially for female and young elands. Groups move about, mingle and change membership. You will find this antelope in a herd, huddled together in the plains. It is the best way for it to keep predators at bay. Nevertheless, the male eland does not migrate as much, more so as it ages.

In Kenya, you can spot the eland in Nakuru National Park, Nairobi National Park Maasai Mara and Chyulu Hills National Park.

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