A serene campsite overlooking Lake Oloiden in Naivasha. Photo Credit: Lake Oloiden Camp

The Best Private campsites in Kenya

Pitch a tent in the wilderness, light a campfire, mingle with friends and family members around the campfire and sleep under a starry sky. This unforgettable experience awaits you in Kenya. A camping safari in Kenya will take you to enchanting destinations such as Maasai Mara, Hell’s Gate National Park, Lake Naivasha and Amboseli National Park.

Private campsites are available in most destinations in Kenya, including inside and outside most national parks.  Some of the most popular campsites are:

Mkenya Camp- Karen

This camp is located in Karen, a posh neighbourhood, about an hour away from Nairobi’s city centre.  Campers can use the tents on site or bring their own. If you have a tent, beddings will be provided. The tents have a capacity of one to six guests.  Breakfast is available, and from this camp, guests can visit a number of attractions such as the Giraffe Centre, Karen Blixen Museum, Kitengela Glass and Nairobi National Park.

Fisherman’s Camp

Its strategic location, on the shores of Lake Naivasha, makes Fisherman’s Camp a popular destination for visitors exploring the Great Rift Valley.  The camp is within a beautiful canopy of mature trees.  Tents and beddings are available; the camp has washing facilities too.  Fisherman’s Camp has cottages too.

Crater Lake Camp

Crater Lake is located in Naivasha and it is one of the uncrowded destinations in the Great Rift Valley.  Crater Lake Camp has camping facilities for rent and it offers meals too. Campers can enjoy lengthy walks around the Lake and its wildlife sanctuary.

Camp Carnelleys

Have a starry night sleeping under mature exotic trees. This camp is located on the shores of Lake Naivasha and it has a range of adventurous activities like boating and fishing.

Lake Oloiden Campsite

Lake Oloiden is located next to Lake Naivasha. Lake Oloiden Campsite sits on the shore, offering a sweeping view of the lake.  A carpet of green grass runs from the shores of the lake to a forest of trees in the compound.  This campsite, a property of Naivasha Kongoni Lodge, provides tents, clean washing facilities and it has a restaurant and a bar with a veranda overlooking the beautiful lake.

Rapids Camp

Sagana is the best destination for white water rafting safaris. Rapids Camp provides accommodation to adventure enthusiasts in tents in double and single tents pitched on the shores of Sagana River. It also provides sleeping bags, mattresses and beddings.

Though campsites have beddings and tents for hire, find out what the campsite will provide in advance.

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