An elegantly furnished tent at Wildebeest Eco Camp Nairobi. Photo Credit: Wildebeest Eco Camp

Top 4 Luxury Tented Camps in Nairobi

Nairobi has a lot to see and do from visiting national wildlife sanctuaries to exploring the city’s monuments and museums.  The other adventure is of a different kind, experienced when a visitor samples sumptuous local and international dishes. Explore Nairobi, and experience under the canvas luxury this holiday. In addition to five star hotels in […]

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A paintball game at Shooters Haven in Nairobi. Photo Credit: Shooters Haven Nairobi

Where to Play Paintball in Nairobi

Paintball is one of the fastest growing action sports in Nairobi.  Over the weekends, groups tickle into popular paintball fields for some adrenaline packed paintball action. This sport involves tagging opponents with paintballs, which are gelatin capsules containing water-soluble paint, shot from a paintball gun.  To add to the excitement of shooting paintballs, attacking and […]

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One of Nairobi's leading steak houses

12 Popular Kenyan Street Foods

A Taste of Kenya Street foods in Kenya may not be as popular around the world as the tantalising jerk chicken of Jamaica or South Africa’s spicy bunny chow, but they are worth sampling when you come for a beach or wildlife safari. Discover the culinary skills of any of the country’s 43 tribes when […]

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Nairobi City Center

How to Stay Safe in Nairobi

How safe is Nairobi? Kenya’s capital city is safe for you to have an exciting, care-free holiday. This metropolitan city is home to people from all parts of the world.  From January to December, Nairobi hosts business executives and leisure seekers.  This city has numerous attractions such as Nairobi National Park, the National Museum and […]

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Biashara Streets, Nairobi

Biashara Street Nairobi| A Shopper’s Paradise

Where Shoppers Throng Nairobi is rightfully termed as the busiest capital city in East Africa because there are dozens of activities going on every millisecond from downtown in River Road to the quiet professional blocks of Kaunda Street. Biashara Street Nairobi must be mentioned when talking about business in the city centre. This street, sandwiched […]

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Tuk Tuks in Kenya| A Three-wheeled Adventurous Ride

Auto Rickshaws in the City Auto rickshaws have a variety of names. In Tanzania and Ethiopia, they are known as bajajis; in Egypt, they are called toktoks and in Nigeria, they are known as keke-marwas. In Kenya, they are called tuk tuks, which is a word that imitates the actual noise made by the vehicle’s […]

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Nairobi, Kenya

Living in Nairobi| Estates in the Capital

Where to live in Nairobi Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya, and one of Africa’s fastest growing cities.   It is a business hub, packed with various higher education institutions, international organisations, wildlife attractions and recreational centres. Living in Nairobi is advantageous in the sense that residents have quick access to facilities and amenities that […]

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