Waterlovers Resort has the perfect spot for a beach wedding

Beach Weddings in Kenya

A Beach Wedding in Kenya Beach destination weddings in Kenya offer the scenic ocean and the long sandy beaches as the backdrop of the venue, and a couple and wedding guests enjoy luxurious accommodation in resorts along the coastline. Go wild and create an out of the ordinary wedding because beach wedding ideas are as […]

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Nairobi- The fastest growing city in East Africa

Indian Cuisine in Kenya

The Indian community in Kenya also contributes to the country’s rich culture and traditions.  Indian cuisine is available in major cities in Kenya. Known for its spicy and finger licking cuisine, India is one of the countries that influence the culinary arts industry. It offers vegetarian delicacies as well as dishes for meat lovers.  Savour […]

Kite Surfing in Kenya

Kite Surfing in Kenya – One of the Best sites in Africa With one of the best kite-surfing locations in Africa, the Kenyan coast has plenty kite-surfing destinations and locations to offer all the visitors looking for an adrenaline filled beach experience. Kite-surfing holidays in Kenya are popular on most beaches in Mombasa, Malindi and […]

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