Guests dine outdoors at Little Governors Camp in Maasai Mara

Governors’ Camp Properties in Kenya

Of Governors and Luxury in the Bush Governors’ Camp properties have been around for decades. Established to offer accommodation to governors during the colonial period in Kenya, these luxury camps and resorts are now open to locals and foreigners. This group of resorts and camps has six properties in Kenya. These tented camps and resorts […]

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The plains of Maasai Mara

Facts about African Wild Dog

The African Wild Dog in Kenya A number of wildlife species in Africa are not as popular as the big five or the rare five. Nonetheless, these unknown animals make wildlife safaris memorable when you see them grazing, browsing or hunting. Take for instance, the African wild dog. It is one of the main carnivorous […]

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A serval cat in the plains of Maasai Mara

The African Serval Cat

Any Similarities to Other Cats? The African serval cat resembles the domestic cat, though there are a number of distinguishing characteristics. For example, the serval has larger ears adapted for its predatory lifestyle; it is taller and has a shorter tail. It has longer legs that make it easier to hunt in grasslands. There are […]

An African hyena

Facts about Hyenas

What do you know about Hyenas? Hyenas live in many parts of Kenya.  You can spot them in the forest, woodland, savannah, grassland and in mountainous regions. This carnivorous animal is one of the misunderstood species in the wild. Even in African folklore, the hyena gets demeaning characters and it is often times associated with […]

The Eland

Kenya’s Largest Antelope The Eland differs from other antelopes because it is larger and slower. However, it can walk briskly for miles despite its 942kgs for male and 600kgs for a female eland. As the male grows older, the hairy dewlap under the neck increases and the hair on the forehead grows longer. Additionally, as […]

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Why Visit Kenya?

The Beauty of Safaris in Kenya Kenya is about the size of the US State of Texas. It is one of the famous countries in Africa, for its beautiful mix of cultures, its pristine attractions and of course, its world record holders in international athletics events. This East African country is the origin of safaris. […]

Maasai Mara

Wildlife Safaris in Kenya

Exceptional Wildlife Safaris in Kenya Drive through the plains where grazers spend the day with the prying eyes of predators watching their every move. Game drives use four-wheel drive vehicles that can traverse rough terrain to get you to  all corners of the wild country. Wildlife safaris in Kenya take you to indigenous forests teeming […]

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