The bank of River Ewaso Nyiro is a camel trekking route

Camel Safari in Kenya

A Unique Excursion in the Plains Explore the plains of Laikipia, at the foot of Mount Kenya, and the Northern Frontier towns of Maralal and Samburu, from the back of a camel. Characterised by dry weather all year round and vast plains, these regions have excellent conditions for camel riding excursions. Samburu is mainly inhabited […]

Drive to Kabarnet

Horse Riding in the Wild

Horse Riding in Kenya – Gives you an Opportunity to Get Up-close with the Wildlife Kenya offers awe-inspiring splendour and contrast, featuring palm- edged coral seashores, expansive savannahs, deserts, lakes, forests, flourishing highlands, as well as snow-tipped volcanic mountains straddling the Equator.  Kenyan culture, practiced by over forty tribes, is as inspiring. Visitors on safaris […]

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