Beach Holidays in Kenya

Kenyan beach holidays afloat Free your senses on an ocean safari. Let only the ebb and tide guide your every moment in the magic that is the Kenyan coast. With her long stretches of open beach fronts and calm lagoons inside vivid reefs, the waters here are especially tropical. Now there’s all the reason to […]

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Indian Ocean

Kite surfing in the Indian Ocean

Live on the Edge-Go Kite Surfing Kite-surfing holidays in Kenya on some of its greatest waters, such as those surrounding the Nyali Beach Hotel, are an amazing experience, to say the least, for a great many, from all walks of life. Some consider them bloodcurdling for fear of heights or perhaps they are water-phobic. Some […]

Kite Surfing in Kenya

Kite Surfing in Kenya – One of the Best sites in Africa With one of the best kite-surfing locations in Africa, the Kenyan coast has plenty kite-surfing destinations and locations to offer all the visitors looking for an adrenaline filled beach experience. Kite-surfing holidays in Kenya are popular on most beaches in Mombasa, Malindi and […]

Almanara Resort

Top Honeymoon Destinations in Kenya

Kenya – a romantic getaway Get away to Kenya and enjoy some of the top honeymoon destinations for Valentines. Imagine waking up to an amphitheatre of nature. Looking out to the expanses of grassland savannah where the day is breaking and most magnificent orange sun is rising. And soon you will enjoy a game drive […]

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