Sports Fishing at Malindi

Sport Fishing in Kenya

Fantastic Sport Fishing Safaris in Kenya

What a rush – the whirl of a taught line spinning off its wheel a distance into the deep waters under the equatorial sun. If you prefer the surf splashing at high sea or the idyllic tranquillity of a remote lake, a fishing safari in Kenya has much to offer. From the highland lakes to waters Victoria and the Indian Ocean, as sport or hobby, fishing has long been one of the best ways to see and explore Kenya. Add this to your safari itinerary for an unforgettable holiday in one of the world’s finest tourist destinations.

Your entire safari can be planned around this particular activity. From the slopes of the mighty Mt. Kenya, try your hand at fresh water trout fishing in the comfort of old-style log cabins. Be sure to sample the game and bird species abundant in this part of Kenya.

From the highlands, charter a flight to Mfangano Island, off Winam gulf easterly of Lake Victoria in Kisumu. Renowned for its Nile perch fishing throughout the year, the Island camps’ private fishing tours make it an anglers’ trip of a lifetime. Surrounded by the scenic savannah landscape her waters have monster species of perch weighing up to 140 kilograms! Lost in time the Island is beautifully remote, camp in seclusion from the complexities of modernity. The climax of any anglers’ African expedition is the deep blue. Experience the best on the coast at the prestigious Hemingways resort in Malindi. Relax, Hemmingways is well known for the splendid accommodation, food and activities. Enjoy snorkelling trips to the marine parks. Deep-sea expeditions are best starting March up till December when conditions are clam.

The home of Kenyan sport fishing is the world famous Pemba Channel. Offshore fishing tour to the deep sea, for big game fishing with the Sea Adventures crew, is a great experience for all visitors to Kenya. As Africa’s premier marlin destination the waters in Pemba channel are home to Blue, Black and Striped Marlin, Kingfish, Broadbill, Sailfish, Mako, hammerhead and Tiger sharks, Yellow fin, Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, narrow-barred mackerel, barracuda, Giant Trevally and numerous other fish species.

Pemba channel fishing club boasts globally its marlin catches; holding 75% of all marlin records caught out of Shimoni, 54% of all Kenyan marlin records and 7 all-Africa marlin records. Sea adventures abide by a tag & release policy for Billfish and shark species caught. Only potential record-breaking catches that the skipper believes have a slim chance of survival are weighed in. All fish retained are sold for the benefit of the local communities.

With a fleet of three impressive sport fishing boats steered by a professional crew whose experience totals to 150 years. Pemba fishing club guarantees a fantastic time out at sea for the experienced deep-sea angler, to the fly fisherman as well as the beginner.

Why not do a night trip trolling for the elusive night feeding broadbill off Shimoni? Alternatively, go for a more lavish trip to the pristine waters of the Zanzibar archipelago on board the M Y Kisiwani luxury yatch. Remember this safari can be customized to your specific requirements. Take the challenge and go deep as plan your safari, who knows you might just find treasure.

Let’s journey Kenya!

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