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Solo Holidays in Kenya

How to Pamper Yourself Kenyan Style

Fascinating Kenya

Kenya is a truly alluring country. The nation is famous for its uncountable tourist attractions including:

  • Its peace
  • The hospitable nature of its people
  • Its wild animals that form spectacles all year round
  • Its hills and plains that give artistes their masterpieces
  • Its major cities, such as Nairobi, that have been fondly termed the Cities in the Sun

Indulging Kenyan Style

Many come and go enjoying their holidays in Kenya in different ways – ever wanted to pamper yourself like a real Kenyan? You have many tantalising choices of activities to choose from. You could:

  • Go to community Nights
  • Sample various tribal wear
  • Enjoy classic Benga and Rhumba music
  • Go holidaying
  • Savour Excellent food

Attend Community Nights at the Carnivore Restaurant

Communities in Kenya take one night off ever so often to have a night of their own, mostly at Nairobi’s Carnivore Restaurant. These nights are characterized by native music and dance and by dishes that originated from the particular groups of people. A community night is one of the perfect ways to get away from the fast city life! Here, you come into direct contact with Kenya’s culture.

Dance Away to Kenyan Rhumba and Benga whenever and wherever you can

These two genres of music have taken centre stage in Kenya in the recent past. They are soulful and the performances are often live, letting music lovers sink the acoustics in and just relax. Artistes that specialize in these include:

  • Eric Wainaina
  • Suzanne Owiyo
  • Atemi Oyungu

The Safari Park Hotel and Casino will always give you the chance to be part of these amazing heritages to the Kenyan people.

Eat Just the Best Food

Nairobi has plenty of eateries, hotels and restaurants that have the most exquisite of menus. The cuisines are not just Kenyan – there is also a variety of international dishes to ensure a Kenyan experiences the world right at home! Kenya’s food is simply superb. The Mandhari Restaurant at the Nairobi Serena Hotel has fast gained the reputation as one of the best in Ethiopian and Swahili dishes. Others include Tribe, the Village Market Hotel and the Norfolk.

Dress Multi Culturally and Shine

Kenyans love the fact that the nation is multi cultured and they have thoroughly embraced the diversity especially when it comes to dress. Various local, continental and global attires have been adopted. These include:

  • The local kitenge
  • The leso
  • The Nigerian wrappers and head gears
  • The kanzus of the Muslims
  • The Indian saris

So when in Kenya, stand out by trying one of these. The Sarit Center, the Capital Centre, the Mall in Westlands and a number of outlets in the Central Business District are just a few of the stockists.

Make your Kenyan Holiday Experience worth it

Celebrate the New Year, the Kenya Valentine’s day and every other holiday extraordinarily. For instance, fly to the Maasai Mara National Reserve just in time for the breakfast buffet or the breakfast champagne at a table set in the wild! You could also enjoy bed and breakfast at the various hotels – amazing packages are offered and the nature in Kenya, regardless of where you are, will always lead you into the most incredible of sights such as the wildebeest migration. Stay at the Mara Serena or Mara Intrepids or the new kid on the block Karen Blixen Camp.

Whatever you do, it is pretty much a guarantee that a day in the life of a Kenyan when it comes to treating yourself like royalty will blow your mind! The events in Kenya are simply mindboggling.

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