Ewaso Nyiro River in Samburu National Park

Safarilink- Domestic Flights Carrier in Kenya

Safarilink- Your Link to Kenya’s Destinations

To get to most parts of Kenya, you need road or air transport. Road transport is preferred by many because of its flexible schedules and cheaper cost. However, air transport is the feasible option especially when travelling to remote locations such as Maasai Mara, Samburu and the coast of Kenya. Safarilink is one of the popular airlines with domestic flights to most attractions in the country.

This airline handles over 14,000 passengers monthly, flying them to and from 22 destinations in different parts of the country. The airline’s website has a list of the departure and arrival time for all scheduled flights.

The flights from Nairobi depart from Wilson Airport to various airstrips in the country. Kenya has so many attractions perched in different parts of the country. For that reason, this airline’s fleet is suited for the landing spots in the bush. Apart from scheduled flights, you can also opt for charter services. The cost of this service is however dependent on the plane needed, the distance and other fees accrued to get you there. The planes in use have capacities of between 5 and 35 passengers.

Safarilink also offers flight connections so that passengers can move from one park or reserve to the other seamlessly. For example, passengers who arrive at Maasai Mara can later fly to Kilimanjaro in the afternoon and into Arusha later.

The destinations include

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