A rhino with a cub in Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Wildlife Adventure in Kenya

Explore attractions in the Great Rift Valley and combine this with a tour of Maasai Mara National Reserve.


A Lavish Holiday

Enjoy a wildlife adventure in Kenya with a chance to tour and live within famous animal parks such as Maasai Mara and Amboseli National Park. Start with a night in the capital city, wining and dining in a luxurious resort off the bustling streets of the capital.

The grand wildlife adventure in Kenya kicks off when you leave the city and its skyscrapers destined for the bush land of Kenya. Traverse the countryside to explore the land of thousands of elephants and Mount Kilimanjaro.

Enjoy game drives and birding safaris in the plains of Amboseli National Park. Penetrate the Great Rift Valley for a few nights on the shores of Lake Elementaita.

Tour the flamingo covered Lake Nakuru and its national park. Travel south into the savannah plains of Maasai Mara for game views, birding safaris and cultural visits among other activities. All this and more will give you an action packed holiday with memorable moments.

Destinations: NairobiAmboseli– Elementaita- Maasai Mara.


Arrive at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, armed with basic necessities for a great wildlife safari in Kenya. This includes your camera, binoculars, a pair of walking shoes, sunglasses and a safari hat.

Our guide will be there to pick you up for a road transfer to Nairobi Serena Hotel. It’s a 30 minutes ride to a prestigious resort adjacent to a lush green park known as Central Park.

Nairobi Serena Hotel is an award winning resort for its quality of services for leisure and business travelers. It has 138 air-conditioned rooms, beautifully furnished with modern facilities and amenities such as Wi Fi, tea and coffee maker, LCD flat screen television a mini bar and many more.

Relax in a spacious unit with a sweeping view of the greenery in Central Park or the medieval and appealing cathedral across the road. The dining experience is heavenly. You can dine indoors or outdoors, but still within this resort. Nairobi Serena Hotel has a number of dining venues such as Mandhari Restaurant, Maghreb Brasserie and Coffee Shop as well as Aksum Bar.

Unwind in your room, after a sumptuous meal and some coffee or wine, awaiting a great wildlife adventure in Kenya, the next day.

Amboseli National Park

Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast at Nairobi Serena Hotel before a trip to Amboseli National Park. This is the start of your wildlife safari in the rich plains of Amboseli. Upon arrival, enjoy lunch at Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge as you get acquainted with the surroundings and the luxurious unit where you will spend the next two days.

Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge extends the level of luxury and comfort offered by Nairobi Serena Hotel. The Serena brand maintains high standards in all its properties. Amboseli’s Serena hotel ditches the sophisticated and modern look of Nairobi’s Serena for simple rondavel huts that resemble Maasai manyattas. Nonetheless, do not assume that the simplicity of the design means a shabby interior. On the contrary, the spacious rooms have a large bed, a reading desk, ceiling fan and beautiful African art on the walls. They are en-suite, with wireless internet and an amazing view of Amboseli plains beyond the watering hole outside this property.

Elephants,rhinos, buffalos, hippos, lions, cheetahs and leopards patrol the plains of Amboseli searching for food and water. You will come across herds of elephants in the plains and around the swampy areas. Excursions begin in the afternoon to explore the plains and mingle with wildlife while constantly watching the scenic Mount Kilimanjaro. Head back to the lodge for dinner and rest.

The next day, as the sun washes the plains of Amboseli with its radiant rays, a morning game drive takes you to the habitat of different species. Though elephants are the most popular animals in this park, there is much more to see because the swamps attract hundreds of birds.

Go back to the lodge for lunch and you can spend some hours relaxing in the lodge waiting for the afternoon game drive to wrap things up in this stage of your wildlife safari.


Leave Amboseli National Park after enjoying breakfast so you can head to Great Rift Valley. The road trip takes you back to Nairobi. The pit stop is Carnivore Restaurant for lunch in this famous steakhouse that specializes in succulent meat cuts and a variety of side dishes.

The road trip from Nairobi to Elementaita takes about an hour. The scenery is breathtaking. You have to fight the urge to stop at the Great Rift Valley view point to take a few pictures of this wonder. This gorge contains dormant mountains, lakes and thousands of wildlife species and birds. Lake Elementaita is one of the attractions of the great rift. For the best experience, you will be staying in a lodge perched on the shores of this lake.

Elementaita Serena Camp takes you in for two nights of excellent dining and tours to various attractions in this region. Check into a spacious tent overlooking the beautiful Lake Elementaita. Watch flamingos from the private deck of your tent. The pristine waters of this lake attract thousands of flamingos. Relax in the lodge ahead of a lavish meal in the evening or go for a late afternoon guided nature walk.

Lake Nakuru National Park

Wake up to the sound of birds on the trees within Lake Elementaita Serena Camp. Walk to the dining room for a hearty breakfast ahead of a great safari. Drive to Lake Nakuru National Park for a day of fun with flamingos and hundreds of other animals. A game drive through the plains of this park takes you to the habitat of hippos, warthogs, rhinos, giraffes, lions, cheetahs and leopards among others. It’s a hair rising experience especially when you see predators such as lions running after prey.

The weather is great throughout the year, and a birding safari is a must because this region has over 400 species of birds.

Maasai Mara

Bid goodbye to the hosts at Lake Elementaita Serena Camp after breakfast. This time, your trip will take you to the southern edge of Kenya, where wildebeests from Tanzania cross into Kenya. This is in Maasai Mara National Reserve, which receives about a million wildebeests and thousand of zebras and gazelles during the annual migration.

Mara Serena Safari Lodge is your destination for the two days of adventure at this national reserve. This camp is right in the middle of the famous Mara Triangle, which is a protected area that houses endangered species. The rooms are nothing short of heavenly. Each unit has a sweeping view of Mara River. From your private veranda, you can spot wildlife in the plains of the reserve. The rooms have a large bed, a television, en-suite bathroom and a lounge. After lunch at Mara Serena Safari Lodge, explore the savannah in the afternoon.

On your second day at Maasai Mara, tour sections you may have missed the previous day, go for a nature walk and a birding safari.


Watch the plains for the last time as you have breakfast at Mara Serena Safari Lodge. Soon after, leave for Nairobi bearing precious memories of adventures you had in Kenya. You will arrive at JKIA in time for your flight back home.


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