Lion at the Lake Manyara

Exclusive Wildlife Safari in Tanzania

Explore the exclusive wildlife safari in Tanzania’s national parks to experience the famous attractions of Zanzibar, old geographical formations of Ngorongoro Crater,Serengeti National Park and the haven view of Lake Manyara in just one package.


Tanzania is one of the rapidly growing East African countries. It has a lot to offer guests who want to have a quiet, luxurious, exclusive wildlife safari in Tanzania, a culturally rich part of Africa. This action packed holiday promises to take you to amazing attractions scattered in the region.

Start with an exciting tour of Zanzibar which is a rendition of Aladdin’s city of Agrabah. It’s a medieval town that flourished due to the Monsoon trading route. A heavy tinge of Arabian lifestyle is visible in the architecture, bazaars and social activities of the locals. The population is a good blend of local Bantu communities, Arabs, Persians and Comorians. This island was used as a slave market for the infamous slave trade route. It was also a center for spice trade so prepare your taste buds for a sizzling experience when you visit a spice farm in Zanzibar.

Explore the plains of Serengeti National Park to see elephants, lions, cheetahs, wildebeests, elands, giraffes, buffalos, rhinos etc. Scour deeper for more species when you trickle into the adjacent Ngorongoro Conservation Area. This safari will take you to unique locations that have indigenous vegetation and centuries old geographical formations such as Ngorongoro Crater.

Destinations: Zanzibar- Arusha- Ngorongoro Conservation Area- Serengeti National Park- Lake Manyara- Arusha.


Arrive in Zanzibar from Kilimanjaro through Fly 540. Our ground representative will be waiting at the airport so you can start this exclusive wildlife safari in Tanzania.

Four days in Zanzibar will let you explore the Stone Town, the spice island and the pristine coastline of the Indian Ocean. First, check in at Tembo House Hotel for a night’s stay. It is about 15 minutes away from the airport. This luxury resort is a transformation of a dilapidated seafront building dating back to the 1830s. Historical events took place within the walls of this gigantic structure. It served as the American Consulate and the business headquarters of the Cowasjee Dinshaw & Partners, the largest company in the region at that time.

Tembo House Hotel has elegant rooms with large windows looking out into the sea and the gardens. These roomy units have poster beds with intricately designed headboards, checkered floors and ceiling fans to keep Zanzibar heat away.

Excursions start the following day. The first stop is Stone Town. Explore this ancient town that holds the history of the cultural heritage of this region. In two hours, visit the slave market, walk through the narrow streets of the town, see the cathedral built in 1874 and travel to the Sultan’s Palace. More fun will come your way when you walk to the beach to marvel at the beautiful coastline and the turquoise waters of the ocean. Get back to Tembo House Hotel at dusk for a goodnight’s rest.

The next day, have breakfast, and board the transfer vehicle to Kizimbani Village. Since Zanzibar was a popular spice trade region, you need a spice tour. Walk through a plantation of different spices introduced in this island centuries ago. Smell and see spices such as vanilla, pepper, cacao and ginger among many more. Get beautifully woven hats and rings made from palm tree leaves so you can have a souvenir of your trip through the farm. You can also taste or purchase some exotic spices. Get back to the hotel for lunch ahead of a jam packed afternoon.

When you are done with lunch, visit Johazi Forest for an excursion in the indigenous habitat of the few remaining red colobus monkeys in the world. Take photos of this species, and enjoy a nature walk until dusk when you will go to Karafuu Beach Hotel for dinner and rest.

Check in at Karafuu Beach Hotel’s standard rooms facing the lush gardens with mature palm trees. It has two restaurants, two bars and a variety of sports such as tennis. Basking by the pool gives you a great view of the ocean. If the urge to feel the sun bleached sand under your feet, a long walk on the coastline will do the trick.

Spend the next day exploring the ocean through action packed activities like scuba diving. A beginner’s course is available at a small fee. When the sun goes down, have dinner and rest in the ambient room waiting for another day of fun, in Arusha.


Have breakfast and drive to Zanzibar airport for a flight to Arusha. Our guide will transfer you from the airport to Impala Hotel for lunch and you can relax until 2:00pm. This hotel is minutes away from the city center and just 10 minutes away from Arusha Airport. It has four restaurants and three bars. Cuisine on offer includes Indian, Italian, Chinese and continental dishes.

Depart for Ngorongoro Conservation Area in the afternoon. Check in at Ngorongoro Serena Lodge, which is on the edge of Ngorongoro Crater. This lodge has an unforgettable view of the crater’s floor. You don’t have to leave this resort to see wildlife on the floor. Rooms have private balconies made of natural rock giving you a quiet place to watch the sun set. The balconies also add intricate detail to the architectural beauty of this resort. The dining room also yields breathtaking view of the caldera from the wall to wall glass windows.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Have a hearty breakfast at Ngorongoro Serena Lodge in preparation for the day’s adventure in the caldera. Depart for a game drive to the floor of the crater. Descend 600m to an expansive grassland cover with patches of forests, thickets and a fresh water lake in the middle.

The steep walls of this caldera prevent animals on the floor from going up. Therefore, a wildlife safari here lets you see a variety of animals such as wildebeests, zebras, reedbucks, Thompson’s gazelles, lions, elephants, rhinos and buffalos. Enjoy picnic lunch in the open grassland as you watch animals and marvel at the beauty of this region. Get back to the lodge in the afternoon and relax until dinner.

Serengeti National Park

Wake up to a sumptuous meal at Ngorongoro Serena Lodge as you enjoy the last view of the crater through the dining room window. Depart for Serengeti National Park. Ol Duvai Gorge is along this route so you will stop over for a few minutes. Discover the rich archeological history of this region. Indeed, Homo habilis fossils were excavated here by the making Africa the cradle of mankind.

Proceed to the scenic Serengeti Sopa Lodge where you will check in for the night. This luxury resort, overlooking the beautiful plains of Serengeti, has 69 spacious rooms and 4 double storey suites with amazing view of the outdoors. Have lunch and relax in the lodge, by the pool, in the room or any other section that yields a cool environment for you.

The first game drive takes place in the afternoon. Explore this expansive ecosystem to see zebras, wildebeests, buffaloes, leopards, rhinos, elephants, lions, giraffes and jackals among others. A birding safari is another excellent activity here because you have over 500 feathered friends to meet. Get back to the lodge with a lot to reminisce and a hungry stomach for a lavish meal.

Enjoy another day of thrilling excursions of the plains of Serengeti. The first game will be in the morning, after breakfast. Go back to the savannah in the afternoon until dusk. It’s the ultimate safari experience that will give you pleasure touring the fields that house millions of wildebeests, zebras and gazelles.

Lake Manyara

It will be hard to leave the stunning savannah, the courteous service Lodge and sumptuous meals at Serengeti Sopa. Nevertheless, another thrill awaits you so depart for Lake Manyara National park after breakfast.

Check in at Kirurumu Tented Lodge, which stands on the edge of the scenic Mto Wa Mbu Escarpment. Experience a night under canvas with a gorgeous view of Lake Manyara. Have lunch in the dining tent and head to Lake Manyara National Park for an afternoon excursion. The lake is within this park, and the other section is covered by acacia woodland, savanna and forests. Animals to see include lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffalos. The lions in this region love climbing trees unlike others in the world.


Leave Kirurumu Tented Lodge after breakfast. Drive to Arusha and arrive in time for lunch at Impala Hotel.



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