Elephant at Amboseli National park

African Wildlife Safari in Kenya

A weeklong tour of amazing attractions from the elephant populated Amboseli National Park to the plains of reticulated giraffes and Grevy’s zebras in Samburu and a splendid holiday in the grasslands of Maasai Mara National Reserve. What are you waiting for?


Discover Kenya’s Flora and Fauna

Come to Kenya for a spectacular African wildlife safari traversing the plains, hills and riverine forests all the while watching hundreds of animals such as elephants, lions, leopards, Grevy’s zebras, wildebeests, cheetahs and giraffes among others.

All you need to do for this once-in-a-lifetime-affair is to book a flight to Kenya, and embark on a thorough exploration of this East African country. It is a trip to paradise without leaving earth. The lush plains of Amboseli National Park seem like the backdrop of a fantastic dream especially with Mount Kilimanjaro’s snow-capped peak enticing you to see how far you can climb. Elephants will keep you company in Amboseli as you drive or walk through the plains.

When you land in Samburu, Grevy’s zebras and reticulated giraffes will be the region’s ambassadors to give you a splendid time in Samburu Game Reserve. Make friends with the Somali ostrich, Beisa Oryx and dozens of birds that inhabit the reserve and forests around Ewaso Nyiro River.

Before long, you will head to the most famous park in the world- Maasai Mara National Reserve. it makes headlines for all the right reasons such as its over 500 bird species, the great annual wildebeest migration, luxurious lodges in the wild and of course, excellent activities such as bush dining. This is exactly what you get when your plane lands here.

For this African wildlife safari in Kenya, you will stay in the best resorts. Norfolk Hotel will take you in jet lagged after your flight into Kenya, pamper you and give you over to Tortillis Camp in Amboseli when you are jovial, nourished and rearing to go. Sasaab Camp in Samburu will upgrade your adventurous spirit and give you comfort and luxury before mailing you by air to Serian Camp in Maasai Mara. Trust Serian Mara Camp to take care of your fun, food and accommodation needs.

Destinations:  Nairobi– Amboseli- Samburu- Maasai Mara.


Arrive in Kenya, through Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) where our ground representative will be waiting for you. Travel by road to Fairmont Norfolk Hotel, less than 30 minutes from the airport.  Pull in and a smartly dressed doorman will greet you, and usher you into this luxurious resort. The Fairmont Norfolk Hotel has a touch of pre-independent Kenya visible in the architecture, the wall paintings and furnishings in different sections of the resort. However, this should not fool you to believe that the service is sought of outdated. On the contrary, your night at this fine resort is a chance to live in the best luxury Nairobi has to offer. Enjoy a delicious meal in any of the numerous on-site restaurants whether you wish to teats your taste buds with succulent cuts at Tatu Restaurant or go all out with an Italian dinner at Lord Delamere Terrace.

When you have had your fill of a sumptuous dinner and washed it down with a drink, slide into the crisp linen of your large bed in an air-conditioned room. Fairmont Norfolk Hotel rooms are suitably furnished with modern facilities and amenities. Sleep like a baby, looking forward to a great expedition the next day.

Accommodation: Fairmont Norfolk Hotel

Amboseli National Park

Have breakfast at Fairmont Norfolk Hotel ahead of your flight out of Nairobi. Depart for Wilson Airport cruising through the streets of the city. The flight takes about 40 minutes and you land a short distance away from Tortillis Camp.  A guide picks you from the airstrip and drives you to the lodge.  It is a wonderful trip through the grassland carpet of Amboseli National Park to a woodland with rolling hills around it and a watering pool at its foot before the stretched out savannah. This woodland, of Tortillis acacia trees, gives Tortillis Camp its name.

A natural trail meanders from the lodge to the watering hole where you can watch zebras and other animals that quench their thirst so close to the camp. The thatched huts of the resort blend in with the yellowy grass plains and ever green bushes. Check into your tent and have lunch.

The tents sit on a raided wooden platform, and a thatched roof completes the African look of the resort. From your spacious tent, you can see the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro and the plains all around it. Adventure at this lodge starts with a game drive through the savannah. In addition to the hundreds of elephants, this park is home to lions, buffalos, hippos, cheetahs and many more.

Do it all over again the next day after a sumptuous breakfast. Explore Amboseli’s elephant rich plains through game drives, nature walks, picnic lunch or a sundowner. Make memories and capture them on film during your lengthy walks in the park. A bird safari should also be on your list because the swamps within this park attract hundreds of birds making it a great place to listen to daily choruses of feathered creatures. Discover the rich culture of the Maasai by touring a village and mingling with the beautifully adorned tribesmen and children.

Accommodation: Tortillis Camp

Samburu Game Reserve

Wake up to a game drive before breakfast so you can catch a glimpse of any species you may have missed the previous day. Enjoy a delicious meal after your trip and depart for the airstrip for a flight back to Nairobi. Upon landing at Wilson, take the next flight to Samburu. Sasaab Camp will be your host for the next two days in the land of the Samburu people, a close cousin of the Maasai Tribe.

Samburu National Reserve is one of the best destinations in Northern Kenya. It has it all; wildlife, scenery, great culture and awesomely elegant lodges. Sasaab Camp is a magnificent resort overlooking the sparkling waters of Ewaso Nyiro and the open plains of Samburu. Hills paint the horizon blue at a distance, wildlife and trees dot the savannah adding life to this remote north and making it a splendid location for your holiday.

Have lunch after checking into your room, and get ready for the first excursion of the game reserve. The rooms are immaculately furnished with large poster beds, luggage rack, lounge, a spacious bath area and a reading desk. All these amenities and facilities blend perfectly in a stylish mix of Swahili and Moroccan interior design. Outside, the tents resemble traditional huts with thatched roofs. Inside, the large windows let you enjoy the grand view of the plains. This camp, though at the heart of the semi-arid north, grows its vegetables and herbs so you can bet the meals are fresh and delicious.

Venture outdoors to see wildlife in the reserve.  You have the afternoon of the first day and another whole day to see elephants, Somali ostriches, Grevy’s zebras, lions, giraffes and many more.  Add a birding tour, cultural visits and excellent dining next to Ewaso Nyiro River.
Accommodation: Sasaab Camp

Maasai Mara National Reserve

Start the last day in Samburu Game Reserve with a game drive before dawn to sneak up on animals resting in the plains.  Scour every inch of the reserve and get back to the camp satisfied and eager for a sumptuous breakfast. Bid the Sasaab (shrub in Samburu language) goodbye and head for the airstrip for a flight to Maasai Mara.

When the plane lands, as you take in the change of scenery, a guide will greet you, lead you to a vehicle and transfer you to Serian Camp, which is a tented camp. It has a spacious outdoor shower area designed to look like water is oozing out of a tree. The roomy tent lets you marvel at nature even when resting indoors and the large poster bed can take all your troubles away after a day’s excursion of the bush. The tents sit on a raised wooden deck with a perimeter fence.  Lanterns light up the terrace and with a set of chairs on it, you can spend hours on the veranda watching snorting hippos in Mara River, a footstep from the tent.

Maasai Mara is the best destination for bird lovers, adventure seekers, cultural ambassadors and any heart that wants to have a good time in the wild. Therefore, start your adventure with a game drive to see elephants, lions, cheetahs, leopards and wildebeests. But you need energy for this African wildlife safari so get a delicious lunch after checking in at Serian Camp, and go for your tour in the afternoon.

Get back to the camp for dinner, and sleep, ahead of two full days of game drives, birding tours, nature walks and game viewing along Mara River that is a stone’s throw from the veranda of your tent.

Accommodation: Serian Camp


Start this day with a game drive at dawn. Get back to the camp for breakfast and a chance to say goodbye to the host and the hippos that offer free entertainment in the river. Board the road transfer vehicle to the airstrip for a flight to Wilson Airport. Our guide will transfer you from Wilson Airport to JKIA for your trip back home.


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