Wildlife experience around Kenya

Wildlife Safari Around Kenya

Explore the vast plains of Amboseli national Park with the beautiful Mount Kilimanjaro in the backdrop, enjoy days ad nights in maasai Mara National Reserve, and spend three days close to Mount Kenya

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Discover Wildlife Safari around Kenya

Turn that recurring dream into a reality by exploring Kenya in an amazing package that lets you visit Amboseli National Park, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and Maasai Mara National Reserve. The unforgettable experience starts when you land at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport ready for a thorough excursion the next day. This package promises to give you the best of Kenya from accommodation to activities and the dining experience.

For that reason, you will stay in luxurious lodges and camps that are award winners for their excellent facilities and attention to guests’ needs. Dine in the most beautiful natural setting and sleep in tranquil locations with the sweet melodies of birds and cries of wildlife to lull you to dreamland.

The best way to enjoy a safari in Kenya is to keep away from crowded regions so you can have a quiet, relaxing holiday. Your dream wildlife safari in Kenya can do that by taking you to intimate lodges with vast plains with little to no traffic.

Destinations: NairobiAmboseli-Lewa-Mara


Our ground representative will be waiting for you at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), to welcome you and guide you to a chauffeured ride to Fairmont Norfolk Hotel. The less than thirty minutes ride across the city will give you a feel of Africa’s urban life and prepare you for a great holiday in Kenya.

Fairmont Norfolk Hotel is a famous luxury resort off the city center, adjacent to the national theatre and the national broadcaster. The serene gardens within this property turn the grounds into a salubrious environment despite its proximity to the bustling streets of the capital.

Check into the deluxe room, which is a luxurious, elegantly furnished spacious unit. It has a large king size bed or two twin beds with a set of bed side lamps towering over the sleeping area. A lounging area and a reading desk complete the furniture in the room. The clear walls with beautiful wall paintings make the unit a great place to relax after your flight. The unit has modern facilities in the bathroom, internet connection and a digital safe among other necessary amenities.

Fairmont Norfolk Hotel has a variety of restaurants. After a sumptuous meal, relax, sleep and wait for your adventure.

Amboseli National Park

Start your first day in Nairobi with a hearty buffet breakfast at Fairmont Norfolk Hotel. Depart for Amboseli National Park through a flight from Wilson Airport to an airstrip in Amboseli. Our guide will be there to greet you, and take you on a cruise through the dusty plains of Amboseli to Tortillis Camp so you can check in and have lunch. View the plains ever green bushes dotting the grassland which is home to hundreds of elephants.

Mount Kilimanjaro’s jaw dropping beauty will make you crane your neck towards the window of the vehicle hopping to see all of it in one glance. But there is more time for that as soon as you have a delicious meal and lay your bags down in a luxurious tent overlooking the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro.

Spend the afternoon in the plains watching wildlife from a four-wheel drive van with a sunroof where you can get an aerial view of animals.

 Amboseli is home to zebras, giraffes, wildebeests, Lions, cheetahs, buffalos and hyenas among others. It has numerous pools that serve as watering holes and meeting points of numerous wildlife and bird species. The best time to watch the mountain, and probably take endless photographs of it is during the early hours or late in the afternoon as the sun is setting. An early morning game drive takes place at dawn and you can enjoy a lavish bush breakfast thereafter. You also need a nature walk, a sundowner and a birding safari just to see the magnificent flora and fauna that makes Amboseli National Park a popular destination.

 Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Get a wake up call along with a cup of coffee before an early morning game drive in Amboseli National Park. Thereafter, pack and get set for a flight out of Tortillis to Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in the Rift Valley. It is a flight from the land of Mount Kilimanjaro into the leeward shadow of Mount Kenya. Lewa is famous all over the world because of the conservation efforts to save the black and white rhino, as well as the annual Lewa Marathon that sees thousands of amateur and professional athletes running through the dirt trails of the wildlife rich savannah plains.

Check in at Lewa Safari Camp. The tents give a sweeping view of the conservancy and beyond. You can view trees, thickets, the savannah and wildlife from the thatched roof tent while resting on a large bed. The private terrace is a great place to relax with a drink in hand a pair of binoculars to watch the herds of elephants in the grassland.

Check in, have lunch, and take off for an afternoon of fun in the bush. Other activities lined up for you are cultural visits to learn about the Maasai and their efforts to save the environment, night game drives, sundowners, bush breakfast, horse and camel riding in the plains. Combine these adventures with delicious meals waiting for you daily and you can rest assured that Lewa Conservancy is a magical place.

 Maasai Mara

Get to enjoy your dream Wildlife Safari in the Mara by getting one of the exotic five packaging options of: Serian Camp,  little Governors’ Camp, Leleshwa Camp, Elephant Pepper Camp or  the Mara Plains Camp

Option 1- Serian Camp

Breakfast will end your stay at Lewa Safari Camp and signal the start of another adventure elsewhere. Take a flight to Siana Conservancy where you will be for three days at Serian Camp. Check into a spacious tent with a thatched roof and a wooden floor. This camp is on the banks of Mara River, in a section that attracts hippos. These animals will keep you company at night as they snort and burp. Add the melodies of birds living in acacia trees within and around the property. Its distinct feature is the separate shower where you can enjoy a private shower but in the wilderness.

Enjoy morning, afternoon and night game drives, cultural visits and birding safaris without bumping into hordes of tourists circling the plains.

To make the experience even better, a professional guide will be with you to help you spot and identify wildlife. A description here and some facts there will come in handy especially with the 500 species of birds that live in Maasai Mara. Prepare for three days of uninterrupted bush adventure with several breaks to dig into a sumptuous meal or to sleep and get started all over again the next day.

Option 2- Little Governors’ Camp

Three nights at Little Governors Camp is the best thing that can happen to you on safari. Leave Lewa Wildlife Conservancy after breakfast for a flight to Maasai Mara. Little Governors is part of the Governors Camp brand, which is a famous collection of luxury resorts fit for aristocrats. In this case, you are the one to get royal treatment in a camp perched around a watering hole in the plains. From the airstrip, the road transfer vehicle gets you to the bridge where you cross over to the camp. The tents have splendid view of the river. Uniquely designed to give you utmost comfort in the bush, these tents have en-suite facilities and a private veranda where you can watch the plains and wildlife.  Dine alfresco while enjoying the quiet environment and the beauty of the swampy plains around this property. With a campfire blazing in the evening, the candle lit dining area makes you want to stay out there all night just watching the scenery.

When it comes to adventure, Little Governors Camp has endless game drives, birding tours and nature walks. Explore each corner of the reserve with a professional guide to help you spot and name different species such as the big five and numerous birds.

Option 3- Leleshwa Camp

Breakfast will end your stay at Lewa Safari Camp and signal the start of another adventure at Leleshwa Camp in Siana Conservancy overlooking the plains of Maasai Mara. Check in for a three day safari in a beautiful landscape with trees, grassland, wildlife and serene atmosphere.

The Maasai staff makes the place even more colorful with their red attire and lovely beadwork. The African theme resonates in the spacious tents, on the table clothes and choice of furniture in the lounge. The tents have elegant décor on the canvas walls and in the bathroom. The canvas walls have large windows with netting so you can enjoy the view from inside. Dine outdoors, go for game drives, cultural visits, nature walks and you will have a good idea about the beauty of this region.

Option 4- Elephant Pepper Camp

Breakfast will end your stay at Lewa Safari Camp and signal the start of another adventure elsewhere, in Maasai Mara. Fly from Lewa to Maasai Mara where a guide will escort you to Elephant Pepper Camp. Elephant Pepper Camp is one of those luxurious resorts that make you fall in love with everything from the food, the staff to the location and the service. It sits on a serene area of the vast Maasai Mara Plains.

Elephant Pepper Camp feels like you are in the middle of a forest with no one to bother you when resting in a spacious tent or watching wildlife and enjoying a meal on your private veranda. Since you will get here at lunch time, a meal in the outdoor dining area is superb. Treat your taste buds to sumptuous delicacies as you watch zebras, wildebeests and buffalos grazing in the not so distant plains. Drive off for an afternoon game drive thereafter.  The bush is full of activity with animals grazing, others hunting, leopards and hyenas calculating their next move, other animals basking in the scotching heat and the grassland dancing to the tune of a cool breeze from the plains.

Three days of game drives, escorted bird watching safaris, nature walks and excellent dining will have you craving for more at Elephant Pepper Camp. The animals are so close to the property, and in plenty, you practically feel like you are living with them. When relaxing on the hammock under the trees, with zebras a few meters away, you feel like you just want to rest there forever.

Option 5- Mara Plains Camp

Breakfast will end your stay at Lewa Safari Camp and signal the start of another adventure elsewhere. Take a flight to Olare Motorogi Conservancy in Maasai Mara, where you will stay for three days at Mara Plains Camp. Set on a serene section of the conservancy within a forest and surrounded by vast grassland plains, this lodge is an intimate place with modern facilities and a team of courteous personnel.

From your tent, you have a breathtaking view of the plains through the wall to ceiling screen netting on three walls. The bathroom is spacious, clean and furnished with a shower area, washbasins and a toilet. This conservancy offers great game viewing because there are just three camps sharing the expansive plains. After lunch, enjoy an afternoon game drive with the plains all to yourself unlike in other sections of Maasai Mara where you have to compete for space with other tour vans.

The end of the first day is a signal that you are now familiar with the plains and you need to take the adventure to a new tempo the next day. Do this through full day game drives and birding tours. Mara Plains Camp has night game drives to spot elusive species that keep away from your track during the day. It is also a chance to catch predators hunting in the dark. After every bush tour, get back to the lodge for a sumptuous meal and rest in the roomy and stylish lounge adjacent to the dining tent.


End your wildlife safari with a lavish meal at Little Governors Camp, before your flight back to Nairobi. Reminisce all the way back to the capital, and board a car at Wilson Airport to Fairmont Norfolk Hotel’s day room. Relax and await your transfer to JKIA for a flight out of Kenya.


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