Nairobi Safari Walk

One Day Safari in Nairobi

Is Nairobi A Place for Adventure Seekers?

Nairobi is the entry and departure city for many visitors touring Kenya.  This growing city has a lot in store beyond the bustle of the city centre, for those who wish to explore its length and width.  Start your day with breakfast at any of the opulent hotels like the Tribe, Sarova Stanley, Sankara or the Sentrim 680 Hotel.  An exquisite meal served in an awe inspiring dining room will get you ready for the adventures that await you in the city.

Nairobi tours offer a bit of everything.  Do you love hiking, game viewing, bowling,  cultural tours or learning about the history of man/ well, all these and more activities are available in Nairobi. Narrow down to a few that you must attempt before leaving the city, or decide to explore one section of the city. It is up to you and the level of fun you can handle.

Here is a comprehensive list of ideal attractions you can include in your day’s list of adventures.

Ideal One-Day Safari in Nairobi

Lang’ata District

The most exciting attractions in the city are in the Lang’ata-Karen area of Nairobi. It will be difficult for you to convince your family and friends that you actually spent a day in Nairobi, if you will not have pictures, lots of them, of your safari in Nairobi National Park. This is one of the world’s most famous national parks because it is within a city. The sky scrapers of the city centre gaze at you from a distance as your tour van cruises the plains. It is more like the scene in the animated movie Madagascar, when Alex the Lion comes up flaunting and flexing his muscles at the crowd. However, in Nairobi National Park, animals do not flex and wave; instead, they graze with the city’s skyscrapers as the backdrop. This park is picture perfect!

Nairobi Safari Walk is another great attraction especially for families.  The walkways, the animals, the shade and the forests make this attraction more exciting. If you still want to see more animals, try the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust next door. It is a sanctuary for orphaned elephants and rhinos. These three attractions are within the same area, but David Sheldrick’s sanctuary opens at 11am.

Other attractions in this part of the city are Kitengela Glass, Giraffe Centre, Karen Blixen Museum, the Bomas of Kenya and Nairobi Mamba Village. Additionally, you can add a succulent lunch to your day’s activities by visiting the Carnivore Resturant, which is also in the same location.

Westlands District

Known as the party capital of Nairobi, it has malls, nightclubs and lavish hotels. Major malls include The Mall, Sarit Centre, Westgate and the Village Market.

The Nairobi National Museum is one of the places to visit in Parklands, within this district. Located on Museum Hill, it is about 15 minutes by road from the city centre.   View fossils excavated from archeological sites in Turkana; learn about early man and Kenyan tribes.   This property also houses the Nairobi Snake Park and Botanical Gardens.  You can also explore Karura Forest, which is accessible from any part of Westlands.  Explore Karura Forest Nature Trail for a day of fun learning about trees, wildlife and plants. This attraction has a waterfall and caves used by freedom fighters.

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