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Mountain Biking in Kenya

Mountain Biking in Kenya – An Unforgettable Adventure

Although a majority of people think that Africa can only be toured in vehicles, the adrenalin-pumping mountain bike expeditions prove otherwise. A 16-days adventure takes guests from Kenya’s Nairobi to Tanzania’s Dar es Salaam located on the Indian Ocean coastline. The route is away from key tourist trails and busy highways and hence accords bikers a unique experience in Africa. Guests are sure to stopover at local villages, encounter Kenyan people and culture, as well as enjoy the awesome panorama of wild animals as they graze on the expansive African savannah. The trail traverses open savannah, deserts, tropical seashores, and mountain rainforests.

The base of the now-capped Mount Kilimanjaro summit is also on the itinerary. Guests set camp in the wild under a clear African sky. Bikers have an opportunity to view game in Amboseli National Park. This area is world-renowned for having the biggest plains game concentration and hence visitors get a truly unique wildlife experience. Guests take a one-day hike to visit schools within the intact Usambara Mountains. A journey via villages and tropical forests brings bikers to Dar es Salaam, the final destination. Some visitors decide to lengthen their voyage with a hike on Mount Kilimanjaro or get a feel of Zanzibar Island.

In this expedition, 11-13 days are spent biking, with 90 percent of this time being spent on unpaved paths ranging from dusty and muddy to rocky and rough terrain. Only 10 percent of the biking is done on smooth road. Bikers cover between 25 and 90 kilometres every day, with an always-present vehicle support.

Groups range from 4 to 10 persons plus local staff and two leaders. Bikers are accommodated at share-twin one-night hotel and fourteen nights camping. Rooms may be upgraded at the request of guests. The 10 to 4 Mountain Bike Challenge raises finances for local communities and Mount Kenya. The event starts at Mount Kenya National Park’s edge (10,000 feet altitude) and ends at the Laikipia savannah plains (about 4,000 feet altitude).

Bike Treks means mountain bike expeditions or mountaineering through Kenya’s wild in the company of skilled local guides and support vehicles. Mountain Bike Kenya provides tours with local guides, easy logistics, and custom-made itinerary. Visitors take pleasure in visiting coffee co-operatives and schools and following the colonial railway to see the countryside.

Biking enthusiasts should sample mountain biking for a thrilling adventure.

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