Kite Surfing in Kenya

Kite Surfing in Kenya – One of the Best sites in Africa

With one of the best kite-surfing locations in Africa, the Kenyan coast has plenty kite-surfing destinations and locations to offer all the visitors looking for an adrenaline filled beach experience. Kite-surfing holidays in Kenya are popular on most beaches in Mombasa, Malindi and Diani Beach.  With wide flat beaches and steady winds, this makes the Kenyan coast the ideal kite-surfing destination for both the beginners and the more experiences people.

Although kite surfing is not a particularly popular sport amongst the Kenyan locals, the sport has people flying in from various destinations around the world to enjoy the experience of learning to kite-surf in the kite-surfing schools in Kenya. With most beaches having coral reefs of at least 150m from the shore, beginners have a haven in which to try out their newly acquired skills.

There are kite-surfing equipment hire places in Kenya including Diving the Crab, H20 Extreme, Aqualand, and the Kite-surf Kenya School. For the more experienced surfer, the challenge is the changes in the wind speed throughout the day. With the speed ranging from 10 knots in the mornings to 20 knots in the afternoons, there is a challenge for extreme surfers.

Nyali beach also has water sports centres that are well known for their kite-surfing prowess, as they teach surfers to tackle waves from 8ft to even 25ft. Every year the M.E.A.K Kitesurf Charity event, hosted by Prosurf Extreme Kite and Windsurfing Centre, takes place on Nyali beach. The Nyali Beach hotel for this reason is well known as the ‘Kite Beach’ and the hotel of choice during this event.

For the ultimate experience in kite-surfing and all other water sports, Diani Beach is the place to go. KiLeo Watersports in Diani Beach offers kite surfing for both beginners and veterans, including equipment rental. With scuba diving, deep sea fishing, wind surfing, snorkelling, and fishing, this beach not only has the best in water sports, but also sports some of the best hotels in the coast.

The Sands at Nomad is one of these fine hotels in Diani Beach and was the coast’s first boutique hotel with 18 luxurious rooms.  The Almanara Resort, like The Sands at Nomad is a perfect choice of accommodation in Diani Beach for kite surfing, with the beach and water sports centres just a stone throw away. Waterlovers is also a boutique hotel that offers a great base for water sports.

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