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Kenya is the ideal destination for game lovers, adventure seekers, hikers, mountain climbers, water sports enthusiasts and anyone who loves sleeping under canvas. This country has vast plains, thousands of wildlife species and innumerable attractions.

A Kenya travel guide should offer an insight into the wealth of this East African country and details about its travel and hospitality industry. Additionally, guides offer key contacts so you can connect with travel agents, tour operators and find ideal holiday packages.

There are numerous online travel guides. The priority for you is exploring a guide with up-to-date content, essential links and contacts in Kenya as well as accurate details that will help you in costing and budgeting.

Here is a list of travel guides you can use online for information about attractions and destinations in Kenya. In addition, some of these online platforms such as Journey Kenya, list a variety of packages in the offing and hotels where you can spend your holiday.

Journey Kenya

Journey Kenya is an online guide with accurate, up-to-date content about hotels and resorts in Kenya. It also provides in-depth information about planning safaris to Kenya, transportation, the people of Kenya and the country’s attractions and heritage.

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor’s guide to safaris in Kenya offers a different twist because writers do not generate reviews. On the contrary, visitors, guests and adventure seekers review a number of factors that influenced their experience in Kenya. They review attractions, hotels, customer service, tour operators, travel agents and the state of the country. They offer tips to help other visitors plan a safari in Kenya.

National Geographic

National Geographic’s guide to safaris in Kenya offers maps, facts and photos of different attractions and scenic locations. There are factual details about safaris for families and about the culture of the people of Kenya.

Magical Kenya

Magical Kenya is the country’s official guide provided by the Kenya Tourist Board. It is a database of attractions, hotels and resorts and tour operators. Magical Kenya also offers profound details about documentation needed when travelling to Kenya for business or pleasure.

Lonely Planet

This guide offers lists of things to do in Kenya, places to visit, health and safety information as well as facts about the weather in Kenya.

Conde Nast Traveler

Conde Nast Traveler’s guide to safaris in Kenya offers ideas and information to help you choose where you wish to spend your holiday.

Some online Kenya travel guides offer printed versions or newsletters you can use offline. They are great companions while exploring the enchanting plains or idyllic coastline of Kenya. Discover the names and traits of species found in the country, peruse through key Swahili words you ought to know while exploring Kenya.

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