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Kenya Safari Reviews| Should you Rely on Them?

The Digital Age is Here

You do not have to wait for your friends and family members to visit Kenya so you can get firsthand account of the adventures that this country has to offer. With a few mouse clicks, you walk into a world of Kenya safari reviews from professional travellers and first time visitors. There are dozens of travel review websites; the main review websites are TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet and Virtual Tourist.

The Kenya travel guides within these websites cover important safari details such as security, quality of accommodation popular attractions in the country, the best destinations, where to eat, things to do, forex exchange, car hire etc.

Your eyes scroll through dozens of short, descriptive narrations with headlines that beg you to spare some time and read. The ratings, pictures and videos are too good to ignore. These reviews are based on individual experience of travellers.  Some reviewers complain about derelict facilities, others rant about the staff, satisfied visitors applaud the establishment and a collection of other reviews give an average rating. With this bunch of mixed experiences, how do you make the decision?

Should You Listen to Travel Reviewers?

Reviews offer important facts about an attraction, hotel, country etc; foolproof information unlike the salesy material on brochures that you can never confirm. For example, you gather facts about the weather, environment, safari essentials, the quality of service and the cost of travel and accommodation.  Since the reviewers took the safari before you, and they had almost similar expectations to yours, their comprehensive accounts help you decide where to go to get your money’s worth.

Are there Phony Reviews?

It is important to remember that Kenya safari reviews are opinions of travellers and not as the gospel. Opinions vary and every visitor has standards that he/she uses to evaluate the circumstances; therefore, what pleases one visitor may be offensive to another.   In addition, these websites have not come up with verification methods that make them incorruptible. You might turn down a once in a lifetime travel opportunity because you read a phony review and dismissed an interesting package from your tour operator.

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