Kayaking in Kenya

Kayaking in Kenya

Kayaking in Kenya – A Truly Spectacular Experience

Kenya, boasting of wide beaches, mangrove systems, and reefs, is an ideal location for kayaking. Karisia Limited provides exceptional guided sea kayak explorations north of the Kenyan Coast.  Sea kayaks are ideal ways of complimenting walking Kenyan safaris inland where visitors marvel at the stunning Kenyan animals.

Sand Dollar Kayak Expeditions offers exclusive ecologically sound access to the secluded, wild, and gorgeous isles off the Lamu archipelago. Sand Dollar organises guided explorations in this archipelago located near Kenya’s North Coast. Guests are accommodated at exquisite safari-like tented camps located on isolated islands after paddling through the stunning Kiunga Marine Reserve. Visitors discover the antique civilisations native to the area, the aquatic ecology, as well as take pleasure in activities like fishing, birding, snorkelling, and discovering tropical island wildlife.

Visitors marvel at the startling aquatic life, numerous submerged reefs and water birds. Guests also watch Roseate Tern flocks, turtle hatchlings, curious land animals, and intrusive dolphins.

The kayaking period starts from august to April. Explorations are carried out solely within the marvellous Kiunga Marine Reserve. The Reserve is a 250-km2 reserve having more than fifty islands. Here, the savannah animals meet the tropical sea life. Guests’ options include a three-night tour via the Kiunga Marine Reserve, a four-night tour via the Kiunga Marine Reserve, and custom-made tours.

Rapids Camp Sagana, located within Central Kenya has an approximately 350-kilometre river frontage as well as the biggest waterfall, with regard to volume, in Kenya.  The facility hosted the Kayaking Competition in January 2008. Sixteen African countries were represented in this breath-taking and lively event.

Pathfinders provide one-week guided kayak expeditions that primarily focus on teamwork. Visitors are compelled to depend on their wit, crisis management, ingenuity, lateral thinking, decision-making, communications, and problem solving to manoeuvre and conclude the trip successfully.

Other than taking pleasure in the stunning scenery surrounding Kenya’s rivers and lakes, visitors also get educational river proficiencies. Pathfinders kayak voyages are surely marked by navigation and exploration stimulated by education, competition, initiative, and fun.

Savage Wilderness Safaris offers kayaking packages including Central Kenya, Western Kenya, Athi/Tana River multi-day voyages and First Descents Expeditions.

The Central Kenya package is ideal for all levels of paddlers. The base is the Sagana Camp from where visitors are guided on several rivers including easy low-volume category III runs and very technical medium-volume category V creaking. Visitors are free to give instructions regarding the trip length, time duration, and type and number of rivers.

The Western Kenya expeditions, based around the Kericho tea plantations, are ideal for more skilled paddlers. Several rivers, including low-volume pleasurable classics and more difficult high-volume technical and steep runs are available.

The Athi/Tana multi-day voyages entail guided multi and single-day kayak expeditions on the rivers’ upper reaches. First Descents Expeditions entail kayak trips all over Kenya. Indeed guests who try out this adventure filled and exciting sport will live to remember it.

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