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How to Stay Safe in Nairobi

How safe is Nairobi?

Kenya’s capital city is safe for you to have an exciting, care-free holiday. This metropolitan city is home to people from all parts of the world.  From January to December, Nairobi hosts business executives and leisure seekers.  This city has numerous attractions such as Nairobi National Park, the National Museum and Karen Blixen Museum. There is a lot to enjoy in Nairobi.  A day’s excursion of the city involves game viewing, nature walks, a city tour, shopping, fine dining, ice skating, playing golf etc.

One of the common questions people ask online when considering a safari in Nairobi is how to stay safe in Nairobi. A number of things you can do as a visitor are

  • Ensure a friend or fellow adventurer knows where you are when you venture out of the hotel alone
  • Have a guide map or something else to help you locate your hotel. The bustling streets of the city go mad during peak hours so you ought to know your way to the hotel
  • Leave anything you do not need in the hotel room’s safety deposit box
  • Always carry an identification document while in the city
  • Exchange your currency in an authorised financial institution only
  • Avoid crowded areas as often as possible.  These include bus terminuses
  • Plan your holiday with licensed and certified tour operators only
  • Have a list of important telephone numbers you can call in case of an emergency
  • Listen and adhere to the tour guide/operator’s briefing
  • Have scanned copies of your documents in your electronic mail just in-case you need them

If you feel your security might be compromised, you may opt to use a rental car instead of hopping into public buses. In addition, you may reconsider a city tour and instead buy souvenirs in a gift shop within the resort or hotel.

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