A picturesque view of the Great Rift Valley

The Grand Tour of the Great Rift Valley

A Sky View of the Great Rift Valley

An Enchanting Valley

An ancient product of volcanic activity that runs from Kenya’s border with her northern neighbour, Ethiopia, all the way to Kenya’s south eastern neighbour, Tanzania, is indisputably awe-inspiring. This is Kenya’s portion of the Great East African Rift Valley. Its various exciting features, such as, myriad lakes, varied wildlife, rugged as well as even terrain have rendered the Rift Valley an enduring visitor allure.

Varied Tour Options

You have various avenues of touring this inspiring natural feature. You can drive along the Rift Valley or on its floor. You could as well choose to fly over it. Your tour could also be on a train. Whichever option you take, rest assured that your initiative will be abundantly rewarded. Whether up in the air, on the railways or on the road the Great Rift Valley is a spectacle.

An Airborne Voyage

While up in the skies, you enjoy a tantalising mix of visual delights. The houses on its floor and in its valleys are just dots. You just want to touch the fluffy clouds that seem so near and the pathways, the distant mountains and the water bodies give you nature’s peek into what artistry is all about, not in its abstract form but in its real form. For that exceptional bird’s view one of Kenya’s best kept secrets, board a plane, a helicopter or a hot air balloon.


First, to view the peaks of Mount Kenya Secondly, because the flamingoes of Lake Naivasha and Lake Victoria are yearning for the opportunity to awe you with the way they blend their natural pink color with the water’s blue! The Silali Crater and the Ewaso Nyiro Gorge will also bring out their best if you give them the chance.


All year round because the Great Rift Valley is here to stay. The extraordinary safari experience is a guarantee whether it is during the high season as part of a Kenya Holiday Safari Package, on a private trip or on a hunt for some of East Africa’s naturally endowed treasures.


Visit any of the leisure lodges and resorts about the rift valley, such as the Great Rift Valley Lodge and the Mt. Kenya Safari Club, and make the request. Helicopter rides can be organized and hot air balloons equipped with a guide to fill you in on how it all came about while you are dazzled.

What to Carry?

Carry a pair of binoculars and a camera for some of the best Kodak moments when in Kenya. Some good reads for such an adventure can be brought along too. A good example is the book titled ‘Kenya from the Air’ by one Yann Arthur Bertrand.

Kenya’s animals, birds, plains, hills and mountain ranges have been around for the longest time. It is up to you to make them worth your while by altering and mixing up your viewpoints for the sake of diversity and for the strengthening of the adventurous fiber in your muscle. How about the bird’s eye view this season?

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