Guests dine outdoors at Little Governors Camp in Maasai Mara

Governors’ Camp Properties in Kenya

Of Governors and Luxury in the Bush

Governors’ Camp properties have been around for decades. Established to offer accommodation to governors during the colonial period in Kenya, these luxury camps and resorts are now open to locals and foreigners. This group of resorts and camps has six properties in Kenya. These tented camps and resorts are located in serene sections of the wild and it is no wonder they were a preserve for the aristocrats who lived in the country.

In addition, this collection of luxury camps and resorts are accessible by air from any part of the country through Governors Aviation services. Visitors staying in any of the Maasai Mara camps owned by this brand also get day trips to Mfangano Island.

They are

Governors Camp

This luxury camp sits on the bank of Mara River in Maasai Mara National Reserve. The scenery is beautiful, with riverine vegetation and the plains on the other side of the river. It is the oldest of all the brand’s properties. Established in 1972 as a luxury tented camp, this camp brought something new to nights under canvas. Instead of simple camping trips laden with cutlery and crockery, visitors walk into a camp that has everything they need. The 37 tents are spacious, furnished with modern facilities and en-suite.

Little Governors Camp

There are 17 luxury tents in this camp. Situated around a watering hole in Maasai Mara, the camp lets you view different species up-close when they visit this side of the reserve. To get there, you have to cross Mara River by boat and then walk to the camp. The tents have large wooden decks where you can sit during the day or evening and enjoy beautiful scenery and the sounds of the riverine forest.

Il Moran Camp

This tented camp has 10 luxury tents lined along the banks of Mara River. Each unit sits on a serene, intimate location so that occupants can enjoy the beauty of the bush as if they are alone in the wilderness. This camp has an open bar and a spacious dining tent with splendid view of Mara River. Bush dining is also available; just inform the camp in advance.

Governors Private Camp

Visitors who wish to have a tented camp all to themselves for a great time with friends and family can stay at this property. Governors Private accommodates 16 people, which makes it an intimate camp with a team of courteous staff ready to offer the best service. This camp sits on a bend of Mara River. Animals frequent this side of the reserve so visitors can see hippos, elephants, and numerous birds without leaving the camp.

Loldia House

Loldia House is one of the two properties that are not in Maasai Mara. This lodge is located in the pristine landscape of the Great Rift Valley close to Lake Naivasha. The farmhouse, converted into a resort, sits on a large ranch that supplies the lodge with fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits.

Loldia House has nine rooms. Four rooms are in the house while the other rooms are in two cottages. In total, this lodge has capacity of 18 beds. All units are en-suite and furnished in a distinct, lovely English style. This lodge almost feels like home because guests dine around one table.

Mfangano Island Camp

This island camp offers a serene place for visitors exploring Lake Victoria and the rest of Nyanza Province. Situated on Mfangano Island, on Lake Victoria, visitors can fish their dinner and have it prepared in the lodge. Other recreational activities apart from fishing are water skiing, walks on the island and bird watching and viewing rock art.

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