Lioness at Maasai mara

Game Viewing in Maasai Mara – The Tips

The Most Famous Park in the World

Maasai Mara is one of the most popular national reserves in the world. It is home to the great wildebeest migration, which is one of the only natural movements of wildlife. From July to October, visitors flock this wildlife haven to see and marvel at nature’s wonders. Do this too. Visit this national reserve and be awed by the spectacle.

A game drive involves cruising through the plains of the reserve looking for species, spotting them and watching them from a distance. It is the closest a visitor can get to wildlife. There are before dawn, after breakfast, afternoon and night game drives. Game drives have guidelines that visitors should follow.

Game Viewing in Maasai Mara– What to Do

Watching crocodiles tear the flesh of timid wildebeests is one of the greatest experiences while on safari. Capturing all the drama as the millions of animals cross the plains or as predators hunt in the savannah is every wildlife photographer’s dream. A game viewing safari will give you this and offer a platform for you to learn about nature.

For a great time in this park

  • Stay in the vehicle at all times
  • Drive on the tracks
  • Do wear the right gear such as light clothes, a hat, sunglasses and comfortable pair of shoes
  • Do carry your camera and pair of binoculars
  • Drive a 4×4 vehicle for an easy time on the rough terrain
  • Use a vehicle with a sunroof for better viewing of wildlife
  • Request for a window seat so you can see all the action
  • Visit the reserve between 6am and 7pm

Game Viewing in Maasai Mara- What Not To Do

The wildlife in this reserve includes lions, elephants, hyenas, jackals, crocodiles, wildebeests and zebras. A day’s tour of the park will take you to the habitat of most of these species. The reserve’s rules and regulations should guide you during this safari.

The guidelines include

  • Do not litter the reserve. Empty your litterbin back in the lodge
  • Do not overcrowd especially when you spot wildlife. Keep your distance and know that animals have a right of way
  • Do not goad wildlife or harass animals in order to get a good shot of them or to view them

Visit Kenya now, and explore!

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