Exciting Things to Do in Kenya

Top 100 Things to Do in Kenya Part 5

The minute you land at the airport, think about how you wish to spend your holiday in the country. Think about game drives, about camping, about sightseeing. These are the most popular activities for holidaymakers in Africa.

Nevertheless, there are other ways of having a great time in the country such as

41.      Adopt a cheetah/elephant/rhino

Visit David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and join the list of sponsors who donate for the support and well being of orphaned elephants. You can also visit the Ol Pejeta Conservancy or Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.

The World 100m Record Holder Usain Bolt adopted a cheetah in Kenya, and you can be on this list of people who care about nature and its wealth.

42.      Watching blockbusters

There are movie halls in major towns and cities such as Nairobi and Mombasa. IMAX Theatre in Nairobi has state of the art technology and a 255 seater auditorium. Other cinema halls are Embassy Cinema, Nu-Metro and Kenya Cinema.

43.      Safari Rally

This annual racing event draw rally drivers from all parts of the world. It publicizes the beautiful landscape of Kenya as rally drivers navigate different terrain. You can watch this activity at the start and finish line, or follow it across the country.

44.      The Rhino Charge

This motorsport puts human power against machine power as drivers navigate an off-road course for a worthy cause.  Mean machines grind against rocks as elated crowds cheer on. It is held annually, in different parts of the country.

Join lovers of this sport and see how tough things can get even for professional drivers as they force mean machines over rocks and other barriers.

45.      Camel Racing

The annual camel derby takes place in the northern towns of Nanyuki, Isiolo, Marsabit, Maralal and Samburu. The humped dromedary animal is domesticated by most of the nomadic communities in the northern part of Kenya. The derby brings these communities together, fosters good relations and gives guests a chance to see the camel racing through the dirt roads of the town.

46.      An Agricultural Tour

Kenya depends on agriculture to sustain the population and for export purposes. An agricultural tour can be organised to see tea and coffee plantations in the central and Great Rift Valley areas. Other plantations to visit are the ones dealing with horticultural products such as flowers and fruits. The annual agricultural shows are also ideal when in Kenya. They take place in each district, and the national fair takes place in Nairobi.

47.      A Slum Tour

To understand how to help locals, take a tour of Kibera or another large slum. Interact with the locals, listen to them and you will probably know how you can donate in cash or kind later.

48.      Ostrich Riding

Tour an ostrich farm in Nairobi and then spend a few minutes riding this strange animal.  This curious bird will intrigue you with its stare.

49.      Ice Skating

Panari Hotel in Nairobi has an ice rink. It is one of the two in Africa, with the other available in Nigeria. It can take in about 200 skaters in one round. There are one hour sessions and it caters for children and adults.

50. Pottery

There are pottery classes at the Nairobi Art Centre. Learn to make a handful of items from a professional.  Kazuri Beads and Pottery has a variety of products made by hand at its factory. A one hour tour of the factory offers a closer look at the process of making beads as well as a look at the variety of products on offer.

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