Uhuru Gardens in Nairobi

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Uhuru Gardens is significant to Kenya as a free state because the country’s flag was hoisted here for the first time to represent independence from the British.

Tranquility in the City

Uhuru Gardens is located on Lang’ata Road, next to Carnivore Restaurant and Wilson Airport. It is an interesting place to visit during the weekend. Its lush green grass, most time of the year, the shade offered by dozens of trees as well as the quiet atmosphere is out of this world. You almost forget you are in one of Africa’s biggest cities.

Families, institutions and couples are regular guests. Individuals too can relax in the park. Uhuru Gardens has also become a popular venue for concerts, weddings and other functions.

Several historical statues and monuments pose along the paved pathways. There is a monument with freedom fighters raising the Kenya Flag to signify Kenya’s independence. A mugumo tree planted during the celebration of Kenya’s independence is another historical element of the park.

Uhuru Gardens an important position concerning the history of Kenya. Jomo Kenyatta was sworn in as the first president of a free country there, in 1963. This ended the British rule and welcomed a new government and freedom for the people.

Kenya’s flag went up for the first time in this attraction, as the British flag came down symbolising the end of colonisation. Hence, in 1966, Jomo Kenyatta declared this place a national monument.

In addition to taking a stroll, you can read a book, have a picnic or chat with friends. It is one of those recreational centres where it’s just you and nature.

Map of Uhuru Gardens in Nairobi

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