Tsavo National Park Kenya

Tsavo National Park
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Tsavo National Park is the largest national park in Kenya. It has wildlife, lava flows and underground springs.

Tell them I’ll be in Tsavo

Tell them I’ll be in Tsavo, said Denys Finch Hatton, flying off in his Gipsy Moth to track elephants through the Kenyan bush. That was 65 years ago, when Tsavo’s giant tuskers lured many adventurers to this exhilarating corner of East Africa.

Tsavo National Park was established on 1st April 1948 with an area of 21,812 Km2. It is the largest Park in Kenya. The park was divided into two parts with a railroad separating the park into Tsavo West and Tsavo East.

The park is also famous for its history of the unforgiving Man-Eaters of Tsavo – during the building of the railway between Mombasa and Lake Victoria, so many workers were killed by the notorious man-eating lions that construction was halted for weeks on end. What makes this piece of history quite peculiar is that the lions that attacked the workers were maneless.

Tsavo National Park is also historically famous for being a major battlefield in WWI where British and German troops battled for territory. Today, Tsavo is popular for its wildlife, and more importantly, its romantic setting.

Finch Hatton an Old Etonian big game hunter found fame as the lover of Karen Blixen, author of Out of Africa.  With the history of this historic love affair, Tsavo has become a popular destination for romantic getaways such as weddings, honeymoons and romantic excursions at some of Kenya’s most beautiful and exotic hotels and camps such as the Finch Hattons Camp.

The Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge as the first lodge to be built in Tsavo National Park, is superbly situated in the leeward side of Mount Kilimanjaro, encircled by volcanic splendour, adjacent to a teeming water hole and daily visited by vast herds of elephant, buffalo and plains game.

Voyage Safari Camp, offers a host of exciting safari activities, from game drives in Tsavo West, night drives among the resident game, walks with highly qualified naturalists, and trips among the battlefields and colonial relics along the Tanzanian border.

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Map of Tsavo National Park Kenya

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