The Nairobi Railway Museum

Nairobi Railway Museum
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Nairobi Railway Museum exhibits locomotives, photographs and other interesting items that date back to the construction of the Kenya-Uganda Railway.

All Aboard the Lunatic Express Museum!

An hour’s tour of Nairobi Railway Museum takes you back in time as you explore different train cars and locomotives. The museum has a gallery, a resource centre, auditorium and an outdoor exhibition field where you will find locomotives.

This exhibition yard, off the busy Uhuru highway, has a collection of locomotives that operated in Kenya since the Kenya-Uganda Railway was constructed. New locomotives are added to the collection regularly such as diesel locomotives, a miniature railway and passenger coaches. Some of the engines exhibited were used in the Tanganyika Railway, the East African Railways (which became Kenya Railways Corporation) and Magadi Soda Factory.

Situated next to the Nairobi Railway Station, the museum attracts train enthusiasts and history lovers. The Nairobi Railway Museum is epic.  It houses the actual carriage where the Man Eaters of Tsavo dragged one of the workers off during the construction of the Kenya-Uganda Railway. There are three operational engines that are on display, but also used for safaris around Nairobi and the Great Rift Valley town of Naivasha.

Explore every section of this museum. Turn knobs and handles, glance at the old engines, ring old bells, climb carriages and listen to the rattle of operational locomotives as they glide into the museum.

There are dozens of photographs from the railway construction period. They document the predicament and triumphs of the workers and supervisors who foresaw the railway link Mombasa to Kisumu. Additionally, there are artefacts from this period and a guide will gladly take you through the museum. There are specialist books and catalogues used by the engineers, reports, working timetables, maps and drawings.

This attraction is open daily from 8am. The entry fee is about $2 for a non-resident child, $6 for an adult. Combine a visit to this museum with a tour of another attraction in the city such as the Nairobi National Museum and you will learn a lot about the country’s history.

Map of The Nairobi Railway Museum

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