The Great Rift Valley View Point

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Enjoy the panorama at Great Rift Valley view point where you can see all major attractions such as Mount Longonot and the escarpments.

Kenya’s Gem- The Great Rift Valley View Point

Even when on a tight schedule, even when the sun is almost done for the day, stopping at the viewing point of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley to look, buy jewellery or just to take a breather is almost like a reflex action for many.

The Great Rift Valley is always perfect in the evenings. The vast lands forming that perfect v-shape with tarmacked roads at the base, patches of vegetation dotting the space, the sun’s rays stretching far and wide and the mountains in the vicinity meeting the foreseeable edges of the land giving the feeling of an abstract painting never quite giving up that still life aspect.

Activities while at the Great Rift Valley include sightseeing and bird watching, fishing and animal watching.

Sightseeing and bird watching are backed by the eastern part of the Rift Valley that is adorned with mountain ranges and great lakes that make the lists of the highest and the deepest the world over; the Ruwenzori Range, the Mitumba and the Virunga Mountains and the Lakes Nakuru, Naivasha, the Bogoria and the Elementaita. The Nakuru, the Naivasha and the Elementaita are habitats for flamingoes whose lovely pink color blends well with the blue and the green watered lakes. There are also the Hell’s Gate and the Mount Longonot National Park that form amazing tourist attractions on their own.

Hell’s Gate is a composition of ruins that take plenty of courage and a sense of adventure to go through, plenty of eagles, vultures and volcanoes that have in the recent years become extinct. Like the Bogoria, it is also famous for hot springs or geysers, some of which lie low while others rise above the grounds- hot-spring boiled eggs can be a specialty on visits at these places.

Stay at the Soy Lodge or at the Great Rift Valley Lodge or in any of the may lodges that are nearby because whatever your choice of destination within the Great Rift Valley, Kenya’s wildlife will meet you there! The flamingos are in large numbers at the Nakuru, the Elementaita and the Naivasha, other birds, that is, vultures and eagles, are at Hell’s Gate, zebras, cheetahs, impalas, gazelles, dik diks, buffaloes and the spotted hyena are in the Bogoria grasslands and in Longonot crater forest, and black and white rhinos are in most of the lakes.

Incredible historical facts go into the Great Rift Valley- many fossils in the continued research in human evolution have been discovered and many scientists such as those from the Leakey family continue to visit the rift valley.

The Great Rift Valley is great- it is a wonder of the world, an entire circuit that stretches from the Middle East, passes through Africa and has a great chunk in the East African part, then ends in Mozambique in the South. It can be explored from all directions hence one of its nicknames- the Great Rift Valley Circuit.

It has changed the world in terms of the research of the evolution of human beings, it has been a blessing to Kenya’s tourism industry- ‘Great Rift Valley’ used to refer to the entire circuit but it’s the part in East Africa that has taken centre stage over the years.

In simple terms, it is a combination of the best of lands, water bodies, animals, birds, mountains and beautiful sites; it is a must-visit destination.