The Clifftop Terrace

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The Clifftop Terrace is a serene spot overlooking the Old Harbour of Mombasa.

Sumptuous Food by the Sea Shore

The Clifftop Terrace is a plush restaurant situated next to the Tamarind Restaurant in Mombasa. It is an elegant restaurant with a grand dining area and a terrace overlooking the Old Harbour of Mombasa.

The Clifftop Terrace has a relaxed setting necessary for diners to enjoy the delicious meals.  The ocean breeze whiffs through the dining area day and night.  In the evening, the spectacular view of the Old Harbour turns into a surreal backdrop for diners.

The Clifftop Terrace menu offers a wide range of mouth-watering dishes like finger-licking sushi, mangrove oysters, delicious sashimi, salmon and yellow fin tuna.  The cocktail bar takes the dining experience a tempo higher with refreshing drinks like the Carnivore’s Dawa, Pina Colada, Bloody Mary, Mojito and Jungle Juice.

With the ocean’s proximity, The Clifftop Terrace enjoys a daily supply of fresh fish. The team of experienced chefs prepares exquisite dishes that bring diners back to the restaurant for another unforgettable dining experience. Expect courteous service and superb presentation, just what you need when dining on the sea shore. The open-air terrace turns dinner into a starry affair.

Every week, there are specials on the menu such as sushi sandwich,  salmon salad and a Samurai roll made of eel, salmon, cream cheese and seaweed.

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