Tana River Primate Reserve

Tana River
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Tana River Primate Reserve houses wildlife animals such as mangabey monkeys. It has beautiful sceneries too.

A Trip to Kenya’s Untouched Lands

The Tana River Primate Reserve is located in Tana River at the coast of Kenya. This is about 350km from the capital city and approximately 240km from Mombasa City. This protection zone, established in 1976, preserves endangered species like the Mangabey and the red colobus monkeys. Humans invaded land around this water source putting mangabeys in danger and that’s why the reserve was established. Deforestation is another factor that is affecting conservation efforts.

The Tana River mangabey monkey is prevalent in forests along the banks of this river. The mangabey, with its white eyelids and yellow brown fur is a remarkable sight as you explore the park. Combine this with sightings of the Tana River red colobus monkey and you have enough adventure for a day’s exploration.

Additionally, Tana River National Primate Reserve Kenya is also home to Grevy’s zebras, Maasai giraffes, reticulated giraffes, oryxes, buffalos and the lesser kudus. You might also spot hippos and crocodiles in the river. Riverine forests, woodlands and savannah make this park a heavenly place. Bird watching is another fun thing to do because there are over 250 recorded species of birds.

Tana River Primate National Reserve Location

This reserve is on the Malindi-Garissa Road.  You have to drive to Malindi or opt for a flight from Nairobi to Malindi or Mombasa airports then board a road transfer vehicle. Accommodation is available outside the reserve, in lodges and resorts, in towns at the coast. For a day’s exploration, have a good pair of walking shoes, a pair of binoculars, a camera, drinking water and a sense of adventure.

Map of Tana River Primate Reserve

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