Tamarind Dhow

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The Tamarind Dhow serves scrumptious seafood in a floating restaurant.

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Dinner Cruise in Mombasa

Exceptional things happen in Mombasa, and dining in a floating restaurant is one of them. The Tamarind Dhow, another innovative restaurant of the Tamarind Group, is a seafood restaurant at the coast of Kenya. This restaurant operates two dhows, Nawalilkher and Babulkher, floating on the waters of the Indian Ocean.

The Tamarind Restaurant dhows are authentic Arabic sailing vessels, previously used as trading boats between coast of Kenya and Arabic nations. Revamped and turned into floating restaurants, these vessels rest in the Ocean, at the Tamarind jetty in Mombasa.

Nawalilkher seats 70 people and caters for about 100 people in a cocktail setup. Individuals can also book for special occasions.  This Tamarind Dhow floating restaurant sails six days and nights, and on Sunday, it is available for private functions.  There are two cruises every day. The 1pm cruise leaves the jetty towards Tudor Creek to a serene spot where guests can enjoy the scenery as they dig into sumptuous seafood.   The chefs prepare sumptuous seafood, fruit salads and coffee.  Enjoy the scenery and the ocean in a magical cruise with a plate of scrumptious grilled lobsters, prawns, fillet steak and salad. The lunch cruise lasts until 3pm when the vessel docks at the jetty.

Dinner is another exciting adventure. The Tamarind Dhow dinner cruise is from 6:30pm to 10pm. This thrilling experience starts with a cocktail drink called Dawa as the boat navigates the waters towards Fort Jesus. It’s a starry affair coupled with a spectacular view of Mombasa at sunset.  The chefs prepare seafood on the deck, as the band belts out soothing tunes for diners.

Babulkher seats 55 people and it can serve a cocktail party of about 70 people.  Whichever dhow you settle for, prepare for a cruise of a lifetime.

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