Tafaria Castle| Kenya’s Otherworldly Lodge

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Tafaria Castle is a Victorian style lodge overlooking the Aberdare Ranges. Its location, serenity and hospitality services make it a great place to spend your holiday.

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Welcome to Royalty!

The breathtaking mountains and forests of the Aberdare Ranges played host to the Queen before she ascended the throne. The same location will host you when you spend a holiday at the enchanting castle built on a hill overlooking the idyllic greenery of the Aberdare Forest in Central Kenya.

Tafaria Castle is a magical resort. The compound has beautifully landscaped lawns, a swimming pool and grounds for outdoor parties and events. The greenery in the property combines with the mauve sky, the mountain, forests and hills to yield a picturesque sight.

Accommodation at Tafaria Castle

This country lodge has a range of rooms, each designed for comfort and luxury. The options are the Lord’s Room, the Knights’ Quarters, the Old House, the Vikings’ Quarters, the lost Knights’ Quarters and the Damsels’ Quarters.

For a night under canvas, stay in the Vikings’ Quarters. These spacious luxury tents are ensuite and positioned in a way that the tent’s door opens to the spectacular horizon.

Families and groups have the Old House, a 3 bedrooms cottage. All rooms are en-suite, and a common sitting room with a fireplace serves all occupants.

The Lord’s Room is the main suite in this castle. It is within the castle, on the second floor, and its spacious veranda overlooks the property and beyond. This room is ideal for couples on their honeymoon or any visitor who wishes to get an extra dose of luxury such as an en-suite bathroom with a large bathtub, television and a mini-bar.

Single and double room accommodation is offered in the Knights, the Lost Knights’ and the Damsels’ quarters. The furnishings live up to the castle’s theme. There are motorized beds and a reception desk that looks like a horse carriage.

While staying at this lodge, enjoy game viewing expeditions in Laikipia, Mount Kenya or the Aberdare Ranges.

Map of Tafaria Castle| Kenya’s Otherworldly Lodge

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