Sibiloi National Park in Turkana

Sibiloi National Park
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Sibiloi National Park is one of the many attractions in Turkana County, adjacent to the colour Jade Sea- Lake Turkana.

Breathtaking Location

Sibiloi National Park is located on Lake Turkana’s (also known as the Jade Sea) north-eastern shores in northern Kenya offers this and much more. To get to this remote part of the country, you pass through Marsabit and Lodwar.

Interesting Features

While at Sibiloi National Park, you have the rare chance of visiting momentous attractions. Mount Sibiloi, where the park’s name is derived, is visible from Alia Bay in the south. Sibiloi brings you within close range of different wildlife. Its 1,570 km2 ensures that you get the best. The park has abundant birdlife. Key game attractions include ostriches, Grevy’s zebras, gerenuks, hippos, crocodiles, lions, cheetahs, oryxes and stripped hyenas among others.

Sibiloi’s borders extend into Lake Turkana hence encompassing lots of the huge crocodile population of Lake Turkana. The lake’s 12,000-strong crocodile is the world’s biggest solitary surviving community.

In the park is also a petrified forest, confirming that this region had a flourishing and densely populated forest seven million years ago. The park also houses the Kenya Wildlife Service administration facilities, short-stay and camping facilities for guests.

Koobi Fora Delights

You have the opportunity to indulge in exciting treats. You can tour the Koobi Fora treats via guided tours. The facilities are found to the north. At the Research Base and Koobi Fora Museum, you are sure to obtain juicy details regarding the origin of man. Northern based Koobi Fora sand pit houses a miniature museum dedicated to the excavations of Richard Leakey’s archaeological team.

Sibiloi is renowned for being the origin of the now Nairobi-based most famous early homo and Australopithecus fossil remains. The museum has a variety of fossil non-humanoids on display, including a crocodile euthecodon brumpti that is 45 feet long, the Behemoth, elephas pecki, petrified forest and giant tortoise pertusios.

Stimulating Landscape

The park boasts of 1570km2 of wilderness landscape that is picturesque. You would be interested to note that Sibiloi National Park has no water save for Lake Turkana’s alkaline waters. Key tantalising sceneries include a lake shore, desert landscape and semi-desert bush terrain.

Traveller Activities

The lover of the wild is at home at Sibiloi. You can engage in various stimulating activities such as bird watching where you admire pelicans, flamingos, and ducks in the wild. Water’s edge game viewing lets you see crocodiles, giraffes, zebras and hippos. You can also enjoy archaeological safaris to see the site or go camping.


Within the park, you can lodge at two facilities that are Lobolo Tented Camp and Oasis Lodge. Outside, you can camp at various campsites such as Koobi Fora and Sunset Strip. Another outside accommodation facility is the Alia Bay Guesthouse. The amenities you enjoy at Alia Bay are solar generated electricity, a sitting room, kitchen and dining room.

The road network from Nairobi is carpeted and hence the park can be accessed all year round. Two airstrips, Koobi Fora and Park Headquarters, serve the park. Sibiloi National Park has one gate. Next time you are in Kenya, make sure you visit this exciting park.

Map of Sibiloi National Park in Turkana

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