Sheldrick Falls Shimba Hills

Shimba Hills
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Sheldrick Falls is a magnificent sight. This attraction is located in Shimba Hills National Reserve.

A leisurely Walk to Sheldrick Falls

Sheldrick Falls is one of the many magnificent attractions within Shimba Hills National Park at the coast of Kenya. This national park is not as popular as others are such as Maasai Mara, but it has a lot to offer nature and wildlife lovers.

Shimba Hills has the largest number of elephants in the country. It is also home to rare species like the sable antelope. In addition to visiting the elephant habitats and Mwaluganje Forest, you should also tour Sheldrick Falls.

This awe inspiring 82 ft waterfall forms a plunge pool at the bottom that most visitors find hard to resist. Sheldrick Falls Shimba Hills is within the park, so you can take a tour as you explore other attractions in the park.

Enjoy a guided Sheldrick Falls walk along the 2km footpath. A wildlife ranger will take you to the waterfall, through a forest that is home to elephants and buffalos among other species. On the way, you will learn about different species of plants and animals. The guide will give you facts about plants and animals you see along the path.

This waterfall is named after David Sheldrick, who discovered it many years ago. The walk to this attraction takes about two hours, through grasslands, bushes and forests. Hence, carry drinking water; wear a hat and good walking shoes.

Descend, in about 45 minutes, to the bottom of the waterfall and ascend from the plunge pool in about an hour. Sheldrick Falls is a great place for an afternoon nature walk. You can spend hours just staring at the beautiful waterfall as water cascades down into the pool. The sounds, of animals and the rushing water, is heavenly and peaceful.

Map of Sheldrick Falls Shimba Hills

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