Samburu National Reserve

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Samburu National Reserve is not as popular as other Kenyan national parks, but it is home to the rare five species and hundreds of other wildlife animals.

The Beautiful, Rugged Landscape

Located in the near-desert northern part of Kenya, Samburu National Reserve is a tourism jewel that has a variety of endangered animal species. It is famous for being one of the reserves where the movie “Born Free” was filmed, a film based on the book by George and Joy Adamson about Elsa the Lioness.

The reserve is easily accessible by road and air, and the road network within the reserve gives visitors a well-rounded game-viewing experience. Through the reserve runs the Ewaso Nyiro River, and both fossils and artifacts that date as far back at the Stone Age have been discovered in this arid land. The reserve is also the residence of the lioness Kamunyak, a predator that adopted a baby Oryx.

Untouched by industrialization, Samburu National Reserve has maintained its natural beauty and serenity. This big-game country has a high number of elephants, rhinos and buffalos.

The Ewaso Nyiro is the main source of water for wildlife in the reserve and the communities that live around it. The flood plains have a rich diversity in wildlife, birdlife and plant life species, some which are endangered species.

Samburu National Reserve boasts having four of “The Big Five” of the animal kingdom – lion, elephant, leopard and buffalo – and there are over 400 species of birds that can be spotted in this protected area. The rhino population was wiped out due to heavy poaching, but the reserve has a good number of leopards that guarantees visitors a sighting during a game drive.

Hot, dry and humid, the climate in the reserve is a habitat for animals exclusively found in such conditions. These rare species have been identified as endangered or vulnerable, and they include the ‘Samburu special five’:

Unlike rhinos, crocodiles are endemic in the reserve. In their abundance, they can easily be sighted basking and lurking along the riverbanks of the Ewaso Nyiro River.

Map of Samburu National Reserve

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