Owiyo Arts and Cultural Centre

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Owiyo Arts and Cultural Centre is a recreational facility located in Kisumu.

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Songstress’s Gift to Kisumu

Suzanna Owiyo shot to fame at the start of the new millennium when she was nominated in the Most Promising Female Artist category of Kora Awards, in 2002. Though she did not win this award, the exposure transformed her from a Kenyan singer-songwriter to an international performer.  Since then, Suzanna has performed for dignitaries including the late Nelson Mandela, and she is a UNEP Goodwill Ambassador.

In 2014, Suzanna set up the Owiyo Arts and Cultural Centre in Kisumu. This recreational park, set on the slopes of Riat Hills, hopes to boost local talent by offering a venue for young people, as well as promoting the culture of communities in the region. The fully-furnished modern recording studio is one of the facilities that young people can benefit from when they visit this centre. In addition to the recording studio, Owiyo hopes to nurture talent through six month training programs for young people. The students will stay on site throughout the training period.

The Owiyo Arts and Cultural Centre occupies an 8-acre plot. It has serene, spacious, landscaped gardens for outdoor games and events. The grounds offer excellent garden wedding venues and a reception area for such celebrations.  Its raised location offers a sweeping view of Kisumu city to the lake.  Visitors can learn about the culture of some of the local communities such as the luo, the luhya, the Kisii and the Kuria through a cultural centre on site.

When you visit attractions in the Western circuit, such as Ruma National Park, Lake Victoria, Ndere Island, Mfangano Island and Ndere Island, you might want to pop into the arts and cultural centre.

Map of Owiyo Arts and Cultural Centre

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