Ol Karia Hot Spa

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Ol Karia Spa is a geothermal pool with a children’s and an adults pool. It is located next to Hell’s Gate National Park in the Great Rift Valley.

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Hell's Gate National Park is adjacent to the Ol Karia Spa

Hell’s Gate National Park is adjacent to the Ol Karia Spa

A Health Spa in the Great Rift Valley

Ol Karia Hot Spa is the latest addition to attractions nestled in the Great Rift Valley. Located next to Hell’s Gate National Park, whose magnificent landscape was the setting of Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, the health spa attracts local and foreign tourists on excursions in the great gorge.

KenGen, a parastatal that operates the Ol Karia Geothermal Power Plant and other electricity production plants in the country, built the hot spa as a recreation facility for its workers. Nevertheless, the sheer beauty of the scenery, the thrilling experience of swimming in a hot spa and its size drew thousands of visitors and in no time, it became an enticing attraction in every tour package to the Great Rift Valley.

Since the water is directly drawn from the power plant, it undergoes a number of processes for the safety of swimmers. For example, the water goes through two cooling processes before flowing into the Olympic size pool at 40oC. The mineral rich water is high in sulphur, which has therapeutic benefits on the skin. It is for this reason that natural spas as the best spots for balneotherapy in the world.

Ol Karia Hot Spa is 5 feet deep and its foundation is a set of terraces so that swimmers can determine the level as they step deeper into the spa. You should have your swimming costume at all times, you should not dive into the pool and also keep a safe distance from the reservoir, which is fenced off.

This attraction is about 33km from Naivasha Town and approximately an hour’s drive from Nairobi. Purchase tickets at the gate and you can opt to park outside the attraction’s gate, walk to the spa or park within the gate, and pay a parking fee. Just carry the essentials you need at the spa such as sunscreen, a towel, camera and swimming costume, and enjoy a leisurely walk into the geothermal plant. Enjoy your day at the hot spa!

Map of Ol Karia Hot Spa

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