Nyeri County| The Heart of Central Kenya

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Nyeri County sits below the highest mountain in Kenya- Mount Kenya. The Aberdare Ranges are also on the border of the county.

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Enchanting Scenery on the Slopes of Mount Kenya

Nyeri County borders Laikipia, Murang’a, Meru, Kirinyaga and Nyandarua counties. It sits between two major attractions that are Mount Kenya and the Aberdare Ranges. For that reason, this county largely depends on agriculture because the soil is fertile and the weather if conducive for farming activities.

Nyeri, which is mostly inhabited by the Kikuyu community, was pivotal to Kenya’s independence struggle. During the colonial era, settlers took over the farms, and it became the home of Kenya’s new masters until the country gained independence from the British. The freedom struggle began when Africans decided to get their land back from the British. The Mau Mau Rebellion blossomed in this county because the freedom fighters could hide in the Aberdare Forest and in caves on Mount Kenya.

The terrain towards the western part of the county is flat compared to the hilly south, which enjoys more rainfall. There are two rainy seasons, from March to May and from October to December. The county has good roads so you can explore any section of it with ease, but the surface roads into the coffee and tea plantations become impassible during the rainy season. Scheduled flights to Nyeri land at Mweiga Airstrip, Nanyuki Airstrip and Nyaribo Airstrip.

Attractions in Nyeri County

Mount Kenya, with its snow-capped peak is one of the breathtaking attractions in the country. Thousands of plant and animal species live there. They include hyraxes, leopards, common duikers, buffalos, elephants and antelopes. The main activities are mountain climbing, hiking and game viewing.

The Aberdare Ranges is another attraction accessible from Nyeri County. Explore Aberdare National Park to see different species of plants and animals. In addition, marvel at the waterfalls and scenic valleys during a hiking safari in this attraction. This attraction was the hideout of Dedan Kimathi, one of the freedom fighters during the independence struggle. Other sites in this location are the Mau Mau caves.

Nyeri is also the burial place of the founder of the scout movement; the grave of Lord Baden Powell is a national monument. The clock built by Baden Powell in Nyeri Town is another monument you ought to see. The house of Baden Powell is now a museum.

The Italian War Memorial Chapel is another historic site. It was built in memory of Italian and African soldiers who fought in the Second World War.

Where to Stay in Nyeri County

Hotels and resorts in Nyeri include Green Hills Hotel, Outspan Hotel, Westwood Hotel, Serena Mountain Lodge, Aberdare Country Club and White Rhino Hotel.

Map of Nyeri County| The Heart of Central Kenya

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