Nyanza Province

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Nyanza Province’s most popular attraction is Lake Victoria. However, there are national parks, museums and wildlife sanctuaries too.

The Western Side of Kenya

Nyanza Province is located southwest of the country. Lake Victoria, which is shared by Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, is situated in the western edge of this province. This region is home to the Luo community, though you can also find the Kisii, Luhya and Kuria tribes.

Cotton is the main crop grown here.  Farmers in the northeastern section of the province also grow coffee and tea while the southwestern section is popular for copper and gold mining, albeit in small quantities.

Kisumu is the capital city, the third largest city in Kenya, and the major town in this province. Other counties in the region are Kisii, Nyamira, Homa Bay and Siaya.   Fishing is one of the main economic activities more so with the generous quantities of Nile perch and tilapia in Lake Victoria.

Attractions in Nyanza Province

Kisumu Museum

Explore the western part of Kenya through collections of reptiles, amphibians and other plant and animal species. It also exhibits a traditional homestead of the Luo people and artifacts from this community. Other artifacts are farm implements, jewellery, traditional weapons and rock art.

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary

It is a small wildlife protection zone that takes care of impalas, hippos, baboons, leopard, birds and reptiles.

Kit Mikayi

This natural wonder is a large rock with smaller rocks strategically positioned on top. It is found off the Kisumu Bondo Road. The name means stones of the first wife in the luo language. This community believes the water oozing out of the rocks is the tears of the first wife.

Tom Mboya Mausoleum

It serves as the burial ground one of the key leaders of this region, Tom Mboya. It also has a gallery with portraits and information about the life and times of this hero. It is located on Rusinga Island

Kanam Prehistoric Site

Discover the findings of Louis Leakey about the life of neaderthaloids. Recent archeological studies have found bones about 6 million years old.

Simbi Nyaima

The locals have a strange myth to explain the origin of this crater lake. They claim a village sank after its inhabitants treated an old woman cruelly. She was hungry and in need of shelter but the villagers turned her away because they were busy celebrating at the chief’s home.  One lady took pity on the old woman, who in turn told her to leave the village with all her property. As soon as she did, a storm wiped out the village.

Lake Victoria

It is one of the largest lakes in Africa. It lies on the border of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. This large water body has tiny islands with amazing landscape and hundreds of plants and animals. The main activity is fishing. You can take part in this activity or attempt other water sports such as boat riding and knee boarding.

View the sunset from the Hippo Point, which offers breathtaking view of the sun and the lake. Nyanza has many luxurious resorts and lodges. One of these is Mfangano Island Camp, which has an out of this world holiday experience. It has cottages overlooking the lake.

Map of Nyanza Province

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