Nyandarua County| Land of Idyllic Forests

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Nyandarua County is home to Aberdare National Park and a range of hiking places such as Gatamaiyo and Kereita forests.

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Explore the Aberdare Ranges

Nyandarua County is in the central part of Kenya, bordering Laikipia, Nyeri, Nakuru and Kiambu counties. Within this county is the expansive, spectacular Aberdare Ranges, while Mount Kenya forms a backdrop in the distant horizon. Nyandarua has rich farmlands because of the fertile soil and adequate supply of rainfall. For that reason, this region’s economy depends on agriculture.

The Aberdare Ranges are thrilling. They comprise of moorland, rain forests and bamboo forests. A bird’s eye view provides an unforgettable view of a forest as dense as heads of broccoli with waterfalls cascading into the valleys. One waterfall is about 1000ft, which makes it the longest in the country. The Aberdare Forest housed soldiers of the Mau Mau Rebellion during the struggle for independence in Kenya.

From this county, you can access Mount Kenya, the plains of Laikipia or the awe-inspiring attractions of the Great Rift Valley. You can enjoy day tours to these destinations and get back to your lodge at the Aberdare Forest.

Things to do in Nyandarua County

Game viewing in the Aberdare Forest is one of the main activities here. Aberdare National Park is home to elephants, buffalos, a variety of monkeys, waterbucks, duikers etc. Hiking Elephant Hill on the Aberdare Ranges is another popular activity. Explore Mau Mau caves in the forest too.

Where to Stay in Nyandarua County

Nyandarua County has hosted royalty. Queen Elizabeth stayed here in the 50s. It has luxurious accommodation especially around the Aberdare Forest. The resorts and hotels include Treetops Lodge, Aberdare Country Club and The Ark.

Map of Nyandarua County| Land of Idyllic Forests

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