Ngong Hills

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Ngong Hills offer an excellent place to spend your weekend. Hiking and walking safaris are the norm here. From the top, you will enjoy spectacular view of the Great Rift Valley.

Ngong Hills is the perfect place for a four to five hour hike just a few kilometres away from the city centre. Hiking is a splendid idea for business travellers spending a week or so in the city, for families heading to other attractions in the country or even visitors who wish to get a glimpse of everything the city has to offer.

This serene attraction is approximately 22km from the city, in a quite, green beautiful region. It is a popular jogging spot for seasoned and first time athletes. The air is fresh and unpolluted. The vegetation and slopes make the terrain perfect for a day outdoors.

It overlooks the scenic Nairobi National Park, Nairobi city and the Great Rift Valley. The hills appeared in the film Out of Africa, adapted from a book by the same title, written by the famous Karen Blixen. Her coffee estate is on the slopes of these hills. The mountain range is now a national forest reserve.

The journey up Ngong Hills starts in the town. Ngong Road takes you out of the city towards Karen before you get to Ngong Town. When you get there, turn right at the junction and proceed until you get to the Police Station. Join the rough road and turn right until the KWS barrier that marks entry into the forest reserve. After clearance at the gate, and payment of the entrance fee, you can hike up the hills with a wildlife ranger as your guide.

Enjoy the beautiful view of the Great Rift Valley. When trekking down, the view of the road winding on the hill is awesome. If you are lucky, you may meet Maasai herdsmen clad in their traditional red sash. You might come across buffalos as you go up the series of hills.

Map of Ngong Hills

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