Ndere Island National Park

Lake Victoria
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Explore, hike and camp about 40km from Kisumu City.

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A Hiking Destination on Lake Victoria

Ndere Island National Park does not have the big five species that make any wildlife safari a thrilling experience, but it will give you usher you into beautiful grasslands with an interesting blend of flora and fauna.

Ndere Island National park is located about 40km from Kisumu City. It is one of the few attractions to explore during a wildlife safari in the western part of Kenya, and it is accessible by road and by air from Nairobi.  This national park is unique because visitors can walk, camp and explore it on foot.

Ndere Island is what makes the national park, and it sits on the beautiful Lake Victoria, which is the lifeline for communities living around it. The word ndere is a Luo word that means meeting place. The island’s name is derived from folklore of the Luo community.

The national park is under the Kenya Wildlife Service, whose offices are on the mainland. A boat ride transports visitors from the mainland to the enchanting island. An armed game ranger accompanies visitors to the island.

Species to see in Ndere Island National Park include the rare sitatunga antelope, monitor lizards, dikdiks, jackals, vervet monkeys,  baboons, impalas and zebras. There are crocodiles and hippos along the shores of the island.

What to Do on Ndere Island

A dense forest, visible from the lake, forms a ring around the island.  The main activities on the island are walking safaris, hiking and camping.  The national park yields scenic views of distant hills and other islands on the lake. The park lacks trees where you can seek shelter from the sun. Carry sunscreen, a hat and of course, bring your camera.

Map of Ndere Island National Park

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