Narok County in Kenya

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The most popular attraction in Narok County is Maasai Mara National Reserve.

Home of the Maasai

Narok is a town within a county with the same name. It lies west of Kenya’s capital city Nairobi.  It sits in the south rift and borders Nakuru, Kajiado, Migori, Bomet, Kisii and Nyamira counties.

The Maasai, the main inhabitants of this area, refer to this town as Enkare Narok, which means black or dark water. Visitors pass through this town on their way to Maasai Mara National Reserve.   In fact, it is the last pit stop.

It is a dry land, with vast savannah plains and hills. The Maasai migrate in search of pasture for their herds of cattle. Hence, most of the land is uninhabited. Temperatures may go as high as 28 degrees centigrade.

The road network consists of gravel, bitumen and earth surface. This town is also accessible by air through the airstrip that is about 131km by air from Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

Attractions in Narok County

Maasai Mara

Maasai Mara National Reserve is one of the most popular parks in the world, and Africa’s leading national park. It sits on the border of Kenya and Tanzania, thereby enabling the great annual migration of animals from the Serengeti ecosystem into this park.

There are numerous resorts and lodges within and around this attraction. It offers a luxury in the wild experience with major hotel and hospitality brands such as Governors Camp, Serena and Sopa hotels operating resorts and tented camps within this reserve.

Animals to see in this attraction include the big five species, over 500 species of birds, crocodiles, hippos, wildebeests, gazelles, zebras and jackals.

This national reserve is under the county council, whose mandate is to ensure the income generated by this attraction supports community projects in the region.


This museum showcases the cultural wealth of the Maasai people and other Maa speaking communities such as the Samburu, Njemps and Ndorobos.  Joy Adamson’s paintings occupy a significant portion of the gallery. Some of the portraits and photographs date back to 1951.

This museum is housed in a building that served as a community hall. It has an office area, a collections hall and a gallery. You can spot this museum as you enter the town. If wildlife safaris are your thing, you must pass by this town on your way to the national Reserve.

Map of Narok County in Kenya

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