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Explore Naivasha to discover unique attractions in the Great Rift Valley region.

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A Vibrant Town in the Great Rift Valley

The rapid growth and industrialization if Naivasha arises from several factors. First, as one of the towns in the Great Rift Valley, it enjoys excellent weather conditions and has a wide range of tourism attractions.

Second, it is an agricultural town, and boasts of the largest horticultural farms in the country exporting to different regions such as Europe.

Third, its growth began with use of Lake Naivasha as a landing spot for aircrafts from the capital, Kisumu and even Cape Town for travellers from Britain and other regions. This took place in the 1930s to 1950.

Naivasha is a corruption of the Maasai word Naiposha, which means rough waters, as exhibited by the stormy weather around the lake.

Tourism attractions in this town are:

  • Lake Naivasha
  • Crescent Island
  • Hells Gate National Park
  • Mount Longonot
  • Longonot National Park

Lodges and resorts gather around these attractions so that guests live as close as possible. For a thorough excursion of these tourism spots, consider game viewing, sightseeing, bird watching, trekking, cycling and mountain climbing among other activities.

Bush dining and picnics let you experience nature at its best. For instance, you can enjoy a picnic lunch while touring Mount Longonot or Crescent Island. A bush meal on the escarpments gives you a breathtaking view of the Great Rift Valley unlike any other part of the country.

Naivasha is accessible from other towns in the Great Rift Valley or any corner of the country. It is only two hours away from Nairobi. A flight from Nairobi would take about half that time.

You can stay here as an end destination for your vacation. Your safari experience is complete since there are so many species to see such as lions, leopards, hippos, gazelles, wildebeests and elands. On the other hand, you can combine a trip to this part of the rift with a visit to Maasai Mara, Samburu or the sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean.

Map of Naivasha

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