Nairobi Safari Walk Kenya

Nairobi Safari Walk
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Nairobi Safari Walk is a wildlife sanctuary that also serves as an education centre about Kenya’s flora and fauna.

Get Away From the Bustling City

When captured on a bright sunny mid-morning or a cool late afternoon, the Nairobi Safari Walk is a true representation of the green belt movement in Kenya. Its gently flowing stream amongst grass bushes adorned with tall leafy trees offer homage to monkeys and a wide variety of bird species. Here you will see majestic Kenyan animals, just a few minutes from the bustling city.

The harmless leopards grace the fields, and bask, inviting you to join in if you have the nerve. The giraffes reach the tall trees effortlessly for the greenest and finest of leaves beckoning you to keep your head up just as gracefully to capture very moment of the best as the monkeys’ swing from tree to tree chattering, cheering you on whatever it is you decide to do first.

Notices, articles of the history and fascinating facts of the nature and the animals that grace it prepare you to be mesmerized by just that first look. If you are a resident, jog your memory and claim all the pride in knowing about your amazing country’s endowments. If you are from beyond the borders make use of an opportunity to introduce yourself to Kenya.

Get lost in the maze created by the slightly narrow pathways and the vegetation all around and have someone find you. Bring back memories of your wedding day or take the time to picture one by walking on the raised wooden pathways or ‘aisles’ that go on to meet little cottages. Go for a drink or two with a couple of friends and catch up. Alternatively, sit on the isolated benches also a part of the raised wooden pathways and drift away- every child, woman or man is assured a good time.

An entire day, a mid-morning or afternoon guarantee you amazing scenery at the Nairobi Safari Walk, but the Carnivore Restaurant not so far away make it better. Be a part of that which Kenyans just won’t leave behind regardless of where it is on the planet they decide to settle or visit, enjoy beef, pork, tender crocodile and other wild flavours roasted to your delight and in your vicinity served in the most traditional way.

 Grounds can be booked for picnics or dimmed light dinners both during the day and at sunset. Situated along Lang’ata Road, the Nairobi Safari Walk is a short distance from the city centre.

Map of Nairobi Safari Walk Kenya

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