Nairobi National Park Kenya

Nairobi National Park
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Nairobi National Park is one of the few parks in the world, within a capital city. It is the wild side of Nairobi.

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Nairobi National Park – Where the City Meets the Wild

Situated just 7 kilometres from the city centre, Nairobi National Park is the world’s sole protected area within a metropolis. This park allows visitors the rare chance of capturing wildlife on the lens with Nairobi skyscrapers forming the background. The park boasts of more birdlife than is found in Britain and in excess of 80 mammal species.

The park has scattered acacia bushes on open grasslands. Towards the west is highland dry woodland while riverine woodlands and a permanent stream are in the south. Also found in the park is broken shrub country as well as deep, stony gorges and valleys with long grass and shrub. An additional habitat is provided by man-made dams inhabited by aquatic and bird species. Aquatic herbivores also visit the dams during the dry spells.

Wildebeests, Thompson’s gazelles, elands, secretary birds, ostriches, cheetahs, lions, rhinos, leopards, buffalos, and giraffe dominate this park. The Athi River acts as a pleasant natural border that offers shaded strolls through a riverine woodland featuring birds and monkeys.

Kitengela Migration and Dispersal region and the Kapiti Plains are towards the unfenced southern border. Herbivores visit such areas in the wet season and live within the park during the dry spell. About 400 bird species have been recorded here; some bird species are seasonal. Migratory birds from the north traverse the park from March to April.

Visitor attractions within the park include the black rhino sanctuary, the annual zebra and wildebeest migration (July-August), airy picnic sites, the Nairobi Orphanage and Safari Walk.

Picnic sites include Impala Observation Tower, King Fisher Gorge, Ivory Burning Site, Leopard Cliffs, Hippo Pool and Mokoiyet. Other appeals include the Lone Tree, and the KWS director’s a-forestation site. A sufficiently marked viewing road network is available for touring this park.

Nairobi national park is easily accessed via Langata Road. Visitors can use any of the gates like the Kenya Wildlife Service headquarters, Cheetah, Lang’ata, Banda, Mbagathi and Maasai.

Visitors are spoilt for choice when searching for hotels and well-appointed Nairobi facilities. These include the Nairobi Serena Hotel, Nairobi Safari Park, Holiday Inn, Ngong House, Safari Park Hotel and Casino and the Holiday Inn all within the Capital City, Nairobi.

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